Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SuperDog Finds Trainee!!!

Hey there everyone!! SuperDog here, I wanted to let you all know about an exciting thing that is happening here at the Lair come January. I am now getting to an age where I am going to be retiring as a SuperHeroSideKick, I plan on spending my retirement living the life of luxury. Because my job is so hard, it will take me about a year to train a new SuperDog. Since CancerGirl needs to add some more Happiness to her life, I suggested that she show the trainee in Obedience (Cg says he is pretty well behaved, but well, he has pretty big shoes to fill so can probably use the training!) and since CancerGirl LOVES showing dogs, she is also going to show him in Confirmation. Before I introduce him to you, I want to tell you a little bit about his background. CancerGirl does a great job as a CancerSuperHero, but well lets face it, she needs a lot of looking after. Sometimes she forgets that she needs to sit down sometimes when she has been standing up and walking around too much, she needs a SideKick to help her battle the EvilMelanomaMan, and most importantly, this dog has to be the acting Mascot of Hats For Happiness!!! Because of these things, this dog has to be special, and it has to come from a special place. That special place is from the Kennel of Tanimara Great Pyrenees!!
Jackie Wood of Tanimara Pyrs has Owned Great Pyrenees for the last 24 years. Her kennel is located in the heart of the Mark Twain National Forest and she raises livestock as well as Great Pyrenees. Because she breeds her dogs for temperament, working ability, and their strong attributes in the show ring, she produces dogs that are great all around dogs with very stable temperaments. She also provides training of Livestock Guardian Dogs using her own dogs to train. Her dogs are well established Livestock Guardians who are such good working dogs that scenes like this are often seen in her pastures.

Here you can see a female Great Pyrenees with a recent litter of puppies nursing a baby goat. This is a common and wanted scene in any pasture and dogs trained by Jackie's dogs are taught these type of skills.

Since the next SuperDog needs to come from great lineage, it is very important that his parents be of the highest quality. CancerGirl and I are both honored to be getting a son of "Beren" BISS GCh Ch Beren's Hope of Thorn Hill HOF. Below are a few pictures of Beren and a few of his numerous wins.

Beren Group 1 Crab Orchard Kennel Club Aug 2010

Beren Group 2 win at Crab Orchard Kennel Club Aug 2010 - back to back wins

Left to right 2008 Great Pyrenees Nationals 1st Place Stud Dog Beren's sire and his half brother Ken Savage from the UK Judge Susan Tucker and "Bowyer" Ch TipN'Chip's Spirit of Thorn Hill CDX RAE HOF HOF Beren's sire Paul Clas Handler with "Beren" BISS GCh Ch Beren's Hope of Thorn Hill HOF Pat Ramapuram breeder/handler "Tug" Ch Patorama Tug of War

There is some other AWESOME news that just recently came down the line. Beren will be entered in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in February 2011!! Check out the confirmation info below!!!

BREED  : Gr Pyrenees  Dog
DOG: WS GCH Ch Beren's Hope Of Thorn Hill 07-22-06
SIRE: Ch Tip'N Chip's Spirit Of ThornHill CDX RAE
DAM: Ch Patorama Glimmer Of Hope
BREEDER: Pat Ramapuram & Susan Tucker
OWNER: Jacqueline K/Wood/
Another very important trait that my successor should have is the ability to model and show off hats without showing any signs of embarrassment. As the "Official Spokesdog of Hats For Happiness" he will need to be able to put up with whatever silly or what I may see as stupid thing that CancerGirl may ask him to do. Here are some pictures of Beren wearing different hats, which as I said is a important aspect of being CancerGirl's SideKick!!

Ok, I have kept you in suspense quite long enough now!!! I am pleased, and proud to announce, the newest addition to our family, the next SuperDog, and son of the Great Beren!!!

Drum Roll Please.......

Banjo!!!!! Banjo, is the soon to be newest addition to the Lair. Banjo will be taking over for me and performing all of my duties once I am ready to retire. He will be getting groomed by me to be the next SuperDog and not until I am sure he is completely ready to take over those duties will I be retiring. At that point I plan on living a life of luxury here at the lair, watching the security and survail
ance videos, researching what MelanomaMan's next move is going to be, all the behind the scenes stuff that no one sees. Here is a pic of Banjo at 10 months old and a short little video of him also for you to check out.

I hope that you enjoyed this little introduction, and I am sure that there will be many pictures of me and my Trainees here on the blog and on the Hats For Happiness website so stay tuned.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Purple Shoes!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! CancerGirl is gearing up for her and SuperHubby's favorite day after Thanksgiving activity, SHOPPING!!!!! CancerGirl loves shopping on Black Friday, but she knows that there are many who may not feel the same way, so she figured she would let you all know about a really cool site that is having a CyberMonday sale where you can still get great deals from the comfort of your home

I am sure you all know by now that CancerGirl's FAVORITE color is PURPLE!!! Purple, Passionate, Perky, Pleasant, Positive Purple!!! One of the other things that CancerGirl loves is SHOES!! I love shopping online also, it is easy, doesn't involve my having to get dressed to go out and do it (something that is important for CancerSuperHeroes since often they are immune comprised and going to the mall can be downright dangerous and one of CancerGirls favorite places to shop online for shoes is Zappos.com.

CancerGirl lives in Paradise, where it is always warm and cozy!! She knows that there are many who are not so fortunate, so she wanted to let you all know that you can get these AWESOME Tundra Boots for kids. They are a cool purple color and will make any little girl happy to wear such pretty purple boots. They are very very warm also!!

CancerGirl is getting herself a pair of sandals to wear to the water park. She needs a pair that are able to get wet, are comfortable, stylish (because after all what SuperHero isn't stylish beyond measure??) and above all, will hold up over the long term. She was looking for sandals and came across these Purple Plastic Sandals that are soo cute and she loves that they have a back to them, since flip flops tend to be too loose fitting, with these sandals she will be able to keep her shoes on her feet!!

Well, thanks for following me everyone, and once again, I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!!

CancerGirl :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

My _____ died of Cancer.....

CancerGirl wants to talk to everyone about something that I am certain many (myself included) do when a CancerSUperHero tells them that they have Cancer.

I have spent hundreds of hours and spoken to literally hundreds of people about Cancer, its effects, living with it, most of the time these "interactions" are on a one or two people at a time basis.

Because CancerGirl is soo passionate about Hats For Happiness, (and also because she was bald for some time, so the question would come up, am I a huge fan of Sinead Oconor? Do I have a loved one who I shaved my head for?) but when it comes up the first thing that many people say is "Oh I am so sorry, my (enter family member here) died of cancer" they then go on many times to tell you the details of the loved ones illness and such. CancerGirl knows and understands why people do this. She herself has done it before she was a CancerSUperHero!!

As a cancer patient, no matter how happy I was that morning, no matter how positive I am being, after an interaction like that, all I would be able to think about all day was that story. The story of the other person who told me about their mother, and that other story about that nice mans poor wife, how sad he was about having lost her.

I am not posing this blog because I want anyone to feel bad about themselves ever having done this. Like I said, even the AMAZING CancerGirl did it before she realized she was a CancerSuperHero!!! What I do ask is that you show every single one fo your friends this blog post. That you tell them about it, ask them to please, the next time the talk to someone who is going through Cancer, instead of telling them about one of MelanomaMan's FEW success (did you hear that Mr Melanoma Man!!! I said FEW, we aren't scared of you, you will not win!!!)s, tell them about a CancerSuperHero in your life!!! Tell them about your mother, that battled and fought and did her darndest to battle that EVILMelanomaMan and WON!!! Make that CancerSuperHero think the rest of the day about a strong, positive survivor!! Of course, remember the loved ones who have passed, but please, please try to help CancerGirl spread the SuperPowerOfHappiness to the world!!! If you show one person my Blog post here, and they show one person this blog post, we can change the day of a CancerSuperHero, and through that CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!! Talk about Change!!!
because well, when you hear cancer, you tend to think of those you loved and lost. I understand that, and I am very very sorry that you lost someone to the

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CancerGirl and SuperDog do Hats For Happiness Presentation.

Hello everyone,

Today CancerGirl and SuperDog were escorted in the SuperHappyMobile by SuperHubbyto give a presentation to the Retired Federal Workers local chapter. They were met there by SuperFriend Stella pictured below who was kind enough to set up the display of hats for us. Stellamae is a very dedicated volunteer and she has been extremely influential in Hats For Happiness' recent success and getting the word spread about us. She also helped us to get our first business location dropoff for Hats!!!
CancerGirl gave a short presentation, and SuperDog once again lazily napped at her feet. You can see from the following pic that SuperDog is great at sleeping. Here is a picture of the beautiful display Stella set up, and if you look you can see SuperDog laying down on the job!
! That silly SuperDog!!! I think she may have been sulking because everyone else was eating ICE CREAM!!!

We had some technical issues so we didn't get as many pictures as we had wanted to, but we got a few and Stella also took pictures and she will be giving CancerGirl them, so there will be more pictures posted.

Here are a few of the other pictures that were taken today. I would like t
o thank the Retired Federal Employees for having me speak, and a great big thanks to Stellamae who set the tables up with such beautiful hats and who also sets up a display every Sunday at the I75 Flea Market!!! Thank you very much!!

Thanks everyone

In Love and Happiness

CancerGirl Clarice :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Winding Down for the Night!! With Laughter!

CancerGirl LOVES the King Of Queens. She has every Season on DVD and watches it very often. Tonight she is watching it on The CW. It is important to get joy in small silly things that do not take a lot of time or focus when you are going through chemo. Watching things like the News and even soap operas can be hard because of the focus and concentration issues that the chemo causes. Shows such as sitcoms and stand up are much easier to watch because if you miss a little while because you are sick, when you come back you can still know what is going on and you can still laugh because the jokes are short and sweet.

Stand Up Comedy works in the same way. You can miss 15 minutes of a Stand Up Comedy and come back and still laugh because there are still jokes and punchlines. I may not have laughed for hours, but I laughed for minutes, and if you can get even a few laughs when you are battling the Mean Ole MelanomaMan you need all of the SuperPower of Happiness and Laughter you can get!!! Make sure to get your does today!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Your life is like a river. And if you're aiming for a goal that isn't your destiny, ...you'll always gonna be swimming against the current. Find out what your destiny is and the river will carry you. Sometimes events in life... ...give an individual clues as to where their destiny lies. ...the Universe gives you clues like that, you don't ignore it

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clarice Kentwood (ItsCancerGirl) on Twitter

CancerGirl is on Twitter!!!!!

Yuppers, you heard me right!!! You can now follow the minuteu of CancerGirl and SuperDogs life.

You can see tweets such as:

SuperDog just saved her Momma life!!

and the popular:

Clarice Kentwood
"I had a hard day, why doesnt anyone ever bring me tranquilizers" "Three little maids from school are we"

You too can follow CancerGirl and see what she has to say!!

See who she Retweets

See who she is Following

Clarice Kentwood (ItsCancerGirl) on Twitter

A Blog About a Blog

CancerGirl and SuperDog are sooo very happy and excited!! A blog has been written about Hats For Happiness!!! A friend of Hats For Happiness has a blog that she writes about local events, and excitement, and apparently she is EXCITED ABOUT HFH!!!! Well, who wouldn't be I mean really!!!

The blog is titled New World For Us and it is written by Stellamae.

Stellamae has been helping out Hats For Happiness ever snce we met each other at the Ocala Networking Meeting on the 20th of this month. You can see Stella Mae on the left and Deanna the presenter on the right. It was very informative and CancerGirl learned a lot and met a lot of great people!! Thank you everyone that was there!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fear of Breast Cancer

For those of you who follow CancerGirl on FaceBook know that she just recently finished recieving the ACS (AntiCancerSerum) to kill her Ovarian Cancer. She defeated the EvilMelanomaMan and was finally able to take a breath ad relax a little..... That is until she woke up the day after her birthday with a sore on her breast. For about 2 weeks CG had a scaly itchy spot on her breast. She didn't really think much of it, figured with all the chemo and such, she probably just had some dry skin. When she woke up the day after her birthday and in the place where it was itchy and scaly there was now a large (well large to CancerGirl, SuperOncologist said it was relatively small) purpley sore that was red and painful. be breast cancer. CancerGirl didn't think of Breast Cancer, she had never heard of Breast Cancer being on the outside, she does Breast Self Exams every month, gosh she just had A LOT of Chemo, it couldn'tSuperHubby sent CancerGirl off to see SUperOncologist, because well, he was concerned.

Super Oncologist said "It is a sore, it is not cancer, it is possibly from all the chemo, it is possibly just a boil, we will keep an eye on it". CancerGirl was satisfied with that answer, she trusts SuperOncologist explicitly.
A few more days went by and it began to hurt a little more and got harder and it was beginning to hurt radiating from the sore. CG began to do something she tries her best to refrain from doing when it comes to health related stuff concerning herself, she RESEARCHED. It made sense to do so. We are on iGive and CG figured what the heck, why not do some research and earn a penny a search!!!! She began with the site Women's Fitness where they said on their site :

Possible symptoms of breast cancer include:

  • A lump or thickening in or near the breast or in the underarm area.

  • A change in the size or shape of the breast.

  • Thickening, swelling, distortion, or tenderness of the breast

  • Skin irritation or dimpling

  • Nipple pain, scaliness, ulceration, or retraction.

  • A change in the way the skin of the breast, areola, or nipple looks or feels (for example, warm, swollen, red, or scaly).

  • Swelling or lump in armpit.

Breast pain is commonly due to benign conditions and is usually not the first symptom of breast cancer.

OMG, red, scaly, ulceration!!! I have those!! How far of a reach is it really that after finding cancer 2 places in the last 2 years, there is also Cancer in my breast.

But, as all good researchers know, you cant make a decision based on ONE source, better check this out....off to the Breast Cancer Page on Cedars Sinai :


The signs of breast cancer include:

  • Lump or thickening that does not go away or that changes.
  • Swelling, puckering or dimpling of the breast
  • Skin irritation
  • Pain or tenderness of the nipple
The first symptom men usually notice is a painless lump. Other symptoms might include nipple discharge (possibly bloody), nipple retraction and skin ulceration. Ok, the ulceration is under CG breast, not the nipple, but still. SO said that it would come to a head and would discharge once the pressure of the infection breaks through, or he could try and nick it with a scalpel and see if that releases some of the puss. He suggested hot compresses but they just made it hurt worse afterward. Now that CG was freaking out nice and good, she decided to get her friend Pam Uziel on the horn. Pam is one of Hats For Happiness BreastCancerSuperHeroes. She asked her if she was crazy for being now convinced that she has breast cancer?? Pam gave a resounding NO!! That I was not crazy to be worried about it and freaked out, that probably for quite some time every little thing that hurts or happens CG brain will think it is Cancer.

CG made another trip to SO office, she was freaking now, what if he is wrong?? People are wrong all the time, CancerGirl was wrong just the other day in fact!!! SuperOncologist calmed CG fears, promised her it wasn't cancer, and said he could prove it to her right there. That the purple was in fact PURPLE not BLACK (CG had convinced herself that what was two days ago purpley was now black, and black means Cancer, everyone knows that!!!).

SuperOncologist went and got a needle and poked the sore right in the center of the black and OMG so much icky yucky stuff came out, and after about 5 minutes of is squeezing and pressing and stuff coming out, it wasn't black (or purpley) as much, and the pain was greatly reduced. No, it wasn't Breast Cancer, THANK GOD, for CG it was a huge relief.

For many though, it is not a relief, for many it is a reality. Right now, somewhere in this country someone somewhere is with a Super Oncologist who instead of relieving those fears, are confirming them for woman. CancerSuperHeroes are being made EVERY DAY!!!! CancerGirl is HONORED to be a CSH, but she wishes that no one will ever get to join that clan again. She wishes that there were NO CancerSuperHeroes AT ALL!!!! Until that happens though, CG will continue to fight, standing in front of other CSH when they are too weak to defend themselves, standing next to them in their strong moments, saying "You can do this, you know you can defeat that EvilMelanomaMan, you don't need me to defend you now, you go get em" and standing behind every one of them, there to catch them and hold them when they can't stand anymore, when the fight has been too hard, when they just need to rest, they can rest in the loving arms of CancerGirl, because CancerGirl is strengthened by the SuperPowers of Love, Happiness, and Joy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ron White Read my Tweet!!!!!

Hey everyone. I want you to know that this may seem like a silly ting, "So what, Ron White read your Tweet, big deal, who cares, Ashton has read my Tweets!!" . But wait!!! I love Ashton too, I LOVED him in That 70's Show, and liked him on his show Punk'd. But Ron White has no idea how much he helped CancerGirl defeat the EvilMelanomaMan.

When CancerGirl would go and get reloaded with ACS (AntiCancerSerum AKA Chemo) she would come home and put on one of the DVD's of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, or Ron White's DVD's such as, You Can't Fix Stupid, Tater Salad, or Behavioral Problems. She would put that DVD in the player, and she would watch, and laugh, and laugh. She would laugh every single time Ron would tell his "I got thrown out of a bar....." joke, She still laughs every time she thinks of the line "Just put a paper towel over it, I will clean it up when I get home", because the idea of his floors dotted by "paper towel tee-pees" is hilarious. She would let her mind wander to the concept of a tiny little "poop Indian" tribe forming in the week that Ron was on the road, to have Good Ole Sluggo barely notice his return. It reminds CancerGirl of how unimpressed SuperDog is by CancerGirl most of the time.

CancerGirl went to Aquatica in Orlando today, SD here: Note you once again didnt hear about me getting to go to Aquatica AGAIN!!!! Ok, now that we have been RUDELY INTERRUPTED, even with having gone to the water park today, knowing that someone who had such a huge influence in my own Cancer treatment was himself going through a lot of the same things with his own lovely wife MargoRey, who is a CancerSuperHero herself, not only knew what I have been through, but also has been through the same, has truly touched CancerGirl in an AMAZING WAY

Please make sure to check out Ron's DVD's on Amazon

Thanks for supporting us in any way you feel comfortable Ron.

Hey there peeps. SuperHubby just called and woke up CancerGirl to tell her to get ready to go to Aquatica, We were supposed to be going tomorrow but SH work let him out early today because they wont be letting him go home early tomorrow. Soooo, off to the waterpark for us.

CG and SD Off To Bed

CancerGirl and SuperDog are both very tired. It is now 3:30am here at the lair, and SuperHubby has left for work. Even CancerSuperHeroes need sleep!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CancerGirl's Birthday

Hey there everyone, CancerGirl and SuperHubby went to Aquatica Orlando this past week for CancerGirls Birthday. SH and CG bought a disposable underwater camera, so she could take lots of pictures of their trip in the water and such. SD here: I didn't get to go, if you notice NONE of the pictures she posts will have me in them, I'm just sayin..... We left later then we had meant to leave, but still got there well within the first hour of them being open. It was also nice not having to stand in line outside waiting for them to open the gates also. The first slide we went on is called Lagerhead Lane. This is the slower of the 2 lazy river type rides in the park. Here is a picture of SuperHubby almost falling out of his tube. As you can see, although he was having trouble staying in his tube, he still looked to be having fun. It is definitely the water that makes people HAPPY!!!! Here he is again in his tube, much happier as you can see. I don't know what made him happier, being in the water and the sun, or seeing how happy I was to be there. I don't think I laughed so much in a long time. It was wonderful for both of us. It is important that as SuperCareGivers, your mental and physical health is looked after also. So often everyone is worried about the CancerSuperHero (not like it is necessary, I mean we are after all SUPER
HEROES!!!) but still
ey worry. It is good to have days like this where there is plenty of smiles. One of CancerGirls favorite things to do with the camera was take pictures of the the slides, the slides at Aquatica are awesome, and I was fortunate enough to get some pretty cool pictures of the inside of them. Here is a picture or two to check out.
As you can see, the sun was shining the whole day, so it made the entire experience that much better.

One of CancerGirls Favorite things about the entire day were the Dolphins that they have at Aquatica. The dolphins they have there are called Commerson's dolphins. They are a smaller sized dolphin then you normally think of when you think of a dolphin. They are also a different color then the gray that is normally associated with dolphins. I took a few pictures of the dolphins, who LOVE to swim and play and frolic with each other.

My favorite thing about the Commerson's dolphins was how agile they were while swimming in their habitat. There were large rock pillars and they easily and nimbly dodged in and out of the pillars like they were invisible.

At the end of the day, my favorite part had to be the time that was spent with SuperHubby. So often with all the electronics that we both have, we don't often have much time that we are together without the phone, or the TV or the computers (or IPads ) distracting both of us. This day was completely about him and I. We had a great time and can't wait to return later this week What's this?? You are going out without me AGAIN???? SideKicks get no respect in this industry anymore!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

SuperDog and CancerGirls lunch with SuperFriendLynne

Hey everyone, SuperDog here. I usually don't post an entire blog post, I leave that up to CancerGirl, but well, she has recently been poisoned by the EvilMelanomaMan. You can see the EvilOne himself right there, scary looking dude aint he. Well anyways, CancerGirl is going to be ok, she has one more battle with MelanomaMan next week, then she should be able to continue our mission, which is of course to spread the SuperPower of Happiness to the world through Hats.

But first, I have to tell you guys about how unappreciated I am. I am going to tell you all about an amazing thing I did, then I will tell you what my reward was and you tell me what you think ok??

Well, CancerGirl and I were meeting SuperFriendLynne at McDonalds, and since CG just got me a new Ipad for my command center (you can click the little ad on the left there to buy the same IPad that I have) and it was a nice day out, CancerGirl decided that we would sit outside on the patio area and wait for SFL to get there.

CG sat down and got her Ipad out, and I laid down under the table where I usually lay when CG sits down at a table. We were there for a while (we usually are always waiting because CG is a little nuts about time) and I didn't even see her, but I could just tell that SFL was there. I stood up and went to go inside, where I saw SFL walking through the restraunt. Well that silly CG, she said "SuperDog (she doesn't call me SD in public, but I cant let my true identity be known) lay down" and I came over and looked at her, because no matter how hard I try she doesn't pick up on my telepathic abilities. I think that is one of the true things that you humans missed when you got made, because of all the species out there, you guys are the only ones who don't have clear inter species communication. You give it a good try, and maybe a few hundred generations from now you guys will get it, but for now, I am left with giving plaintive stares and trying to get CancerGirl to pick up on them.

Well, I laid down, because she told me to, but I was NOT happy about her not listening to me. I thought about it again, and decided that I was gonna try again. I stood up and started walking towad the restraunt where I JUST saw SuperFriendLynne, and finnaly CancerGirl stood up and followed me. She seemed annoyed, but she folowed me. I walked over to the bathroom, where I had just seen SFL go, and when CG opened the door, right there, I mean RIGHT THERE was SuperFriendLynne. CG and SFL were all impressed and stuff, but I knew it was just another day in the life of a SuperSideKick.

We then went and ordered our food. CancerGirl told the woman what she wanted, and then she said "and a 6 piece chicken nugget also please" and when the lady said "What kind of sauce do you want with that?" she said "I dont need any sauce, they are for the dog", I was like "THATS MEEEE, Finaly she is achknowledging my talents and is letting me enjoy lunch with her and SuperFriendLynne", I began to get very happy. CG got her food, and we sat down. For some reason, I didnt get the food, CG put it aside and it just sat there, the whole time, it just sat right there on the table while I was told to lay under the table AGAIN. Uggh, so unappreciated I am, I mean I let her know SFL was there for lunch, even led her to her, and still, I get nothing.

After we left and got back to the Van I got the Chicken Nuggets, but by then I had already grown a resentment toward CancerGirl. Luckily I am able to put aside such feelings for the greater good.

Well, since you all asked, here is a picture of me at the controls of the CommandCenter of the lair.

Here I am, see I have my Ipad, and of course my Laptop. As you can see, when I am working in the lair, I always wear my Hat, This is the first hat that was ever given to Hats For Happiness. Speaking of Hats For Happiness, CancerGirl would be very upset if she found out that I wrote this blog and I didnt even mention the important things going on, so here goes.

Hats For Happiness
now has a website at WWW.HatsForHappiness.Org. Please come check it out and see the different ways that you can help Hats For Happiness.

The next thing that I have to mention is that we desperately need volunteers, there are a few different ways that you can sign up to volunteer and help Hats For Happiness. You can respond through the Contact Us link on the website. You can also send us a message at CancerGirl@hatsforhappiness.org.

Please follow us on Twitter and FaceBook by clicking the badges on the right hand side of the page here.

CancerGIrl is also selling Avon for Hats For Happiness. If you would like to purchase Avon and also et great products, you can do so by clicking this link------> Shop Avon and help Hats For Happiness.

You can also shop for your favorite magazine titles and help Hats For Happiness with 40% of the purchase price going directly to Hats For Happiness check out this link-------> Get awesome magazines and help Hats For Happiness

Ok folks, make sure to check out the website, Follow us on Twitter, and FaceBook, and stay Happy.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good, Bad and Four Hours of Awesome in Between

Hey there folks, I know it has been a while since I have written and posted a blog. I also know that in that last blog CG promised she would write at least once a week. Well, circumstances have it that SH and CG are sharing one computer, and CG has been doing chemo, so she hasn't felt at her best. Hopefully the computer sharing issue will soon be taken care of.

Ok, first things first. CG has some official business to be done before she gets on to her day. Hats For Happiness is proud as all get out to announce our brand new website We are now on the web at www.hatsForHappiness.org and www.Hats4Happiness.org. That's right folks, we now have the site up, and very soon we will be registered as a non profit organization, and will be able to accept financial donations, although we would prefer if you donated Hats, Hats and more Hats.

Ok, on to the events of today. Well yesterday CG and SD went for chemo and had the first of her State and Local Government classes. This is going to be a very fun class I can tell just from the first night. After class I had to go for chemo, I had been having weird sensations in my hands and a little in my feet, it got worse and worse the past few days and had gotten to be painful. SuperOncologist said that this is Neuropathy, something that is common among those undergoing chemotherapy and that it may or may not go away when I was done with chemo. CancerGirl is optimistic that everything will be ok. This morning CG had a phone session with SuperShrink. CG and SS are not getting along although I am not so certain that SS realizes it. CG is getting very impatient with SS nagging her about things that, while they may be in CG best interest, she is tired of hearing about right now and will deal with when she has more time. After this it was time for CG and SD to get on their way to stating their day.

On CG way to town she saw her friend SuperNeighborKyle on his Big Green Tractor. She hadn't seen SNK since SuperNeighborAndy was in the hospital after having a heart attack. She pulled over Because I told her too and SFK and CG had a chat on the side of the road and SD got to say hello to SFK. SFA is doing much better, which was something that CG was very much happy to hear. She made plans for SuperHubby and CG to stop by for a visit sometime soon. It was great to get a hug from him as it always brightens my day to think of him and big happy smile. I love my neighbors I really do.

On her way to trying to get to staples, she was on the road and a white truck was behind her. Suddenly the truck turned on its blue and red lights, I pulled over thinking "What the heck did I do? They cant treat a SuperHero like this, do they know who they are dealing with?" Note from SuperDog, I don't know what CG was thinking, but I will tell you she was saying things like "What the heck did I do, I have my seat belt on, I hope I am not getting pulled over", not very much at all like the bold "Super Hero she was claiming just now. I on the other hand, the always brave JeZZy on the Spot was ready to do whatever it took by looking cute so the officer would let her go with a warning, just another service this SuperDog performs

This truck pulled right past CG, and all of a sudden I noticed the side of it said "Bomb Squad". I also noticed that suddenly there was a police officer blocking traffic from turning toward the courthouse in Paradise. Paradise City was apparently being threatened with a bomb. Oh noooo. They were not letting traffic go anywhere near the courthouse for 2 blocks on 3 sides of the courthouse, the road the pictures CG took here is a main road and necessary for traffic flow so traffic was allowed on this road, but there were police everywhere.

Since CG knew that there wasn't anything that she could do to help, she went off to her lunch with SuperFriendLynne. We met for lunch at the mall food court. CG and SD went in and sat down With me sitting in the sun mind you and SFL came over and said "I got us a better table, this way poor SD doesn't have to sit in the sun" so we moved over to the much more spacious and much better table. After about 45 minutes of sitting there talking, CG wasn't very hungry to begin with having had chemo yesterday and all, but SFL said "you gotta eat" so I had some Bourbon chicken, a little bit of rice, and half an egg roll. While we were there a man with a lab mix dog was walking through the mall, the dog had a hand made "therapy dog" sign hanging around the dogs neck. The dog was pulling and pulling to get to SuperDog and wonderful SD just picked her head up and looked at the dog and put her head back down. CG and AuntieLynne think I just looked at the dog, but really I said "What the heck is your problem? That isn't how you are supposed to act in public, you behave yourself" but CG is oblivious and thinks I look with disinterest. Shortly after this CG and SFL left the mall (ok, not shortly like a hour or so) and then CG had to "be alone" for a few minutes so she and SFL made plans to drive over to Books A Million and sit in their cafe. CG left following SFL and then SFL decided to loose CG by getting into the wrong lane then switching lanes (without signaling till she was about to change lanes) and CG ended up having to make a U turn down the road and backtrack. If CG didn't love SFL so much it would have annoyed her, but well we are watch and nail polish buddies now so of course all is forgiven (we have the same wallets also by the way :) )

CG and SFL sat in Books a Million with SuperDog for about another 2 hours and sat and talked about all kinds of things. CG was a few minutes late to class and when she walked in because she didn't want to leave SFL.

Well, CG hands are bothering her, too much typing makes my hands really hurt, cant wait to get my IPad so that it is less stressful on my hands. Till the next time we get together, be well everyone and continue to spread happiness everywhere that you go.

Friday, July 23, 2010

An Eventful Week for CancerGirl and SuperDog

Hello Everyone. CancerGirl and SuperDog had a long week this week. She has decided that she is going to from now on commit to posting at least once a week. I know in the past I had said that I would post daily, but to be honest, many days there isnt enough in my world that goes on that anyone would be interested in.

First of all, CancerGirl spent Wednesday having lunch with SuperFriendLynne, we ate at Denny's, which has awesome food as well as a great atmosphere. She then had an appointment with SuperShrink who CancerGirl is having some issues with. In addition to issues with bringing SuperDog with me (which I dont really want to get into here and now) since I have been idagnosed, at least 75% of our sessions are spent talking about the cancer. Not the feelings or emotions or anything, but the medical stuff relating to it, we discuss my diet (he nags CancerGirl to eat greens and such) and talking about things that I am just honestly plain tired of talking about. Not to mention that every single time he brings up what I am eating, and what vitamins he wants me to take, he says "I am only going to mention this once, then I wont come back to it" but then he always does. Maybe the chemo is making CancerGirl crabby, but she is getting very frustrated by this.

After SuperShrink CancerGirl had chemo. She thought that it was supposed to be her last one, but she found out the next day that she has three week off, he called it a "med vacation" (I want to know who the hell ever came up with that terminology? I mean does he really think I am going on a cruise for the next three weeks???). So, CancerGirl has the next 3 weeks of not having to go do chemo. Of course he still wants CancerGirl to come see him next week (which she jokingly said to him "Of course you do, that 20 bucks from my copay is helping you make that yacht payment") so she will see SuperOncologist again this coming week. Ok enough of the medical stuff, on to fun stuff

CancerGirl and SuperDog met SuperFriendLynne at Sam's Club and we got a yummy pizza, a few pounds of bacon (CancerGirl loves bacon and so does SuperDog, SuperHubby likes the Maple kind but they didnt have any of that at the store so he just has to deal). CancerGirl loves her SuperFriend Lynne and is very sad that her daughter Susan's Mother In Law passed away. My condolences go out to her family, and they are in my thoughts.

SuperDog loves going out with CancerGirl and loves doing her job. Tomorrow our plans are to go to the flea market and pass out some AVON catalogs to people. Tonight CancerGirl has to write her Email Addy and Phone Number on all the catalogs so that the people will be able to get a hold of her. In the future she will have printed up labels for the back fo the catalogs, so this taks will be much easier. If you would like to help Hats For Happiness and also get some great products, the link to purchase Avon is below.

Sell Avon and Help Hats For Happiness

You can also purchase items at Amazon.com to help out Hats For Happiness by clicking our ads on the page (please remember to also click the adsense links below the posts, they help also)

I also want you all to know that our group on Facebook for Hats For Happiness is getting larger every single day. We got a huge box of absolutely adorable "head hugger" type hand knitted and crocheted head coverings. I am looking for some wig stands and such and I will be able to post pictures for everyone to see them. Stay tuned for lots more Hats For Happiness news coming up.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

SD day with Auntie Lynne

SD and CG had her weekly Chemo Lunch with SuperFriendLynne. First they went and got blood work, which CG hates but after being poked this many times it is certainly not as bad as it used to be. While they were there the SuperNurseCindy mentioned that CG veins were especially hard to find, then when CG went and gave the urine sample SNC said "That is very very yellow concentrated pee, looks like someone is dehydrated" which is probably true and I am sure ends up being the case when you throw up almost everything you eat. Usually by Tuesday night CG ends up feeling less sick to her stomach and is able to keep food down for a whole 18 hours or so till she does chemo again. Such is life for now I guess. Keeping with the whole positivity theme though, hopefully there will only be 2 weeks left of it.

After her bloodwork CG met SFL at their weekly place Stone City Cafe, where CG had half an Egg Salad and Bacon sandwich. SFL had a meat filled sandwich (not sure what kind exactly) that she proceeded to take most of the meat off of for her SuperDogs at home, which I thought was sweet of her to do.

After we ate we went outside and let SuperDog have some time off, where she proceeded to dig a hole (SD HERE---It was actually 2 holes, and Auntie Lynne made that mean ole slave driver CG not chastize me about dirtying myself, I love u auntie lynne) SuperDog and CG had a wonderful conversation with SFL about many things, from how mean CG is to SD (SD AGAIN---She bathes me like 10 times a week you know, every time I turn around she is tossing me in that tub, once again, I am treated like a second class sidekick, not given the recognition I deserve, I would NEVER tell CG she was too stinky or dirty to be MY partner), we talked about silly Shelties (SD---I had a Sheltie that lived in the lair with us here ya know, she was the boss around here till she passed on, her name was Shania, and she was very noisy, but fun to watch go crazy whenever CG took me out with her). After that CG had to go to Chemo, where SuperOncologist informed her that the EvilPower of Cancer had decided to send reinforcements in, and that CG would need to get at least another 2 doses of AntiCancerSerum in order to continue the fight. After that CG will go through the MegaSuperCancerScanningMachine (PET scan) and look to see if any of the EvilPower of Cancer left any CancerVillians behind, if so we will go in and shoot down the minions of the most evil of all SuperVillians, MelanomaMan. MM is a massive figure, draped all in black, he is able to make himself tiny enough to fit on the head of a needle to avoid detection. He is a very powerful, and only killed with AntiCancerSerum and CancerKillingDeathRays.

CG and SD are watching the season premiere of Big Brother tonight. You can see a introduction to all of the cast members for this season here

CG and SH love this show and watch it every summer. It is awesome and has a MAJOR twist this season, a player who isnt playing for the win, a saboteur if you will.

Well, CG is off to watch Big Brother, stay tuned for more adventures of CancerGirl and SuperDog.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hats! Hats! and more Hats!

Hello everyone. CancerGirl and SuperDog have embarked on the most remarkable Adventure.

The SuperPower of Happiness is getting stronger and stronger by the hour.

CG has been thinking a lot about having been told the cancer was gone and then finding out it wasn't. She hasn't been angry with SuperOncologist, other then the day she found out, and she has thoroughly apologized for that day. :) Just kidding.

I have come to the conclusion that the reason why I am back in this position is because I started something the last time that I didn't finish. This is a ongoing theme through my life. SuperMom does the same thing, so I have my suspicion that it may be a genetic trait among the SuperFamily.

When CG and SD flew up to NJ for their SuperCousins wedding (she married another SuperHero in the fight against Cancer you know) she heard from numerous people in her family, "We love CancerGirl and SuperDog, what happened to the hat idea?" and I explained that I was in "remission" and I really didn't know if it was ok to identify myself as CancerGirl anymore. I was asking myself "How long after I don't have Cancer anymore am I no longer CancerGirl?". When CG and SD got back to Paradise, and she within 2 weeks found out she once again had to go have treatment, she began thinking "Maybe I need to finish what I started".

Hats for Happiness is getting off the ground at a sprint. On Thursday night at 10:00 CG started the Facebook group. Tonight at 10:00 PM the group broke the 100 member mark.

We are growing in leaps and bounds and are making more and more progress as time goes on. I have worries that I don't know everything there is to know about setting up a non profit. I worry that I will mess something up. I worry that this is going to get too big too fast and is going to overwhelm me.

I worried about how I was going to manage everything. Student, Wife, Cancer Patient, Sister, Friend and now I wanted to add Non Profit Org CEO? What was I thinking. I worried and worried until the past 2 days. The past 2 days have removed a lot of my worries. I have learned more in the last 2 days then I have in the last 5 years I think.

I have learned about Hats. I am not talking about the hats that we are collecting (although in a very vague way maybe I am) I am speaking about the hats I wear every day.

There is my Wife hat. That hat is sometimes beat up and worn. After wearing it for almost 10 years now, it has gotten its share of rips and holes and stains. It is worn in the spot where SH mom died from cancer, that was a very rough spot for us. There is a hole in it from where I found out 2 months after loosing his mom to cancer that I also have it. There are spots that are untouched, these are the special pins on the hat that shine of gold and gems. These gold and gems are from the good times. The day that SH and CG got married. The vacation where CG and SH collected hundreds of those tiny high bounce balls at a rest stop, put them in the glove compartment of the car, to get pulled over months later and have those hundreds of balls come spilling out onto the floor, with SH and I left with no choice but to laugh, while the cop determined if we should be committed to a institution or not LOL

There is my Student Hat, also known as my "thinkin cap". I put this hat on when I study. I wear this hat when I am on campus and while I do my work on the computer. This hat glitters brightly in the sun. It is bright, and it is shiny with very few blemishes on it. CG is a very good student. She prides herself on getting no lower then a B in any subject (except math, which CG struggles with greatly). Sometimes CG forgets to put this hat on. Sometimes this hat sits in the corner while she wears other hats.

Another hat that CG wears is her Cancer Patient hat. This hat is a special hat. It allows CG to belong to a special group of amazing men, women and children. CG wears this hat all the time, although sometimes it becomes so comfortable that she forgets that she is wearing it. It is bright Pink and Purple. The colors of CG and SD capes and equipment. CG needs to remember that when she goes in to see SuperOncologist that she is wearing this hat, and not the hat of CG CEO of Hats For Happiness. There are things that CG needs to discuss with her Oncologist, and if she takes up his limited time talking about HFH then she may not have the time or the forethought to ask important questions that need to be asked. This hat is made of armor, it has to be to fight a opponent as strong as Cancer, but it is also covered in a fuzzy fur, to show that although CG is tough enough to fight the EvilPower of Cancer, she is also soft enough to care about others and allow others to care for her.

Then there is the Family Hat. This hat is soft. This hat has many downright rips, after all, we tend to pull against those closest to us harder then anyone else. I believe that this is because we know that the fabric that our Family Hats is made of is stronger then the strongest Kevlar used in bullet proof vests, so although it tears, it will never tear in half. It will always be connected by some bond in some way. This hat has bullet holes in it. From the hurtful things that we shoot at each other in our families. But it also has patches, sewn on with love and ironed on with the heat that can only come from the flame of a family.

My friend hat is the most colorful and fun hat of them all. It is made of the patches of fabric that each one of my friends adds to my life. There is the patch of rainbow fabric for my Gay and Lesbian friends. it has the patch of fabric with the little duckies on it for the mothers that contribute their patches. It has the patches of Dora the Explorer and Transformers fabric that the special children in my life bring to me. They are not my children, but their parents have allowed them to be in my life and for that I am grateful. It has the different patches of fabric from all my facebook friends. It has fabric with dog breeds and dog biscuits on it for the other SideKick Service Dogs out there and my SD friends. It has patches of medical bandages for all my friends in the disabled community, and finally, it has some black patches for those who I know who have died of cancer, for them I wear black.

I hope that you can all share about the hats you wear and that this makes you think of what your hats are made of.

Thanks for supporting CG and SD in all the ways you do.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Birth of Hats For Happiness

I have been asked a few times now how it is that Hats For Happiness got to come into being. Here is the story.

When I went through my first round of Chemotherapy and my hair began to fall out, being a college student I was looking for a way to cover my head. I was often wearing a black hoodie to cover up my having bald spots (I tried to keep my hair as long as I could). I went over the options that were available. I could wear wigs, but they are expensive with a very nice wig running in the hundreds. They are also hot and I love in Florida and was concerned about that. I thought about bandannas, and while they are not expensive, nor hot, I felt that sometimes I would want to not have anyone know I was even bald. and with the bandanna, isn't much you can hide.

In discussing this dilemma with my family and friends, I would over and over hear "I have some hats I could give you" and they would produce 4 or 5 hats at a time that they had. Hats they owned and most of the time never even wore. hats they got at conventions, promotions, as gifts, as souvenirs.

I started collecting these hats, and I would put them on one by one and if it was a silly hat it would make me laugh, if it was a baseball cap it would make me think of the logo or saying that was on it.

It got me to thinking, if the people I know all have a few hats they have never worn, maybe a LOT of other people also have hats they are not wearing.

I found that people that owned companies were more then willing to give me a hat or two with their company logos. I came up with an idea, what if a person when they were doing chemo could pick out a hat right there in the doctors office. What if there was a hat rack, with numerous hats, wigs, bandannas that patients could choose from to take with them. They could take a silly hat, a hat that they would never wear in public, but when they needed a lift from fighting the good fight, they could put that hat on and think of how it is a special hat and maybe it will make them smile for the only time that day.

One of the things that was very upsetting to me was having my picture taken. I was very self conscious about this. I found that when I was wearing a hat, the picture wasn't as jarring as my having no hair. I was able to smile in photos, and often smiled because I was wearing a hat.

This is the story of the birth of Hats For Happiness.

Barack Obama on Chatroulette.com

SuperHubby does a bit of ChatRoulette surfing, and as such he also likes to look up chat roulete videos on youtube, here is one he found that I thought might make some of you giggle

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Like Everything - Cute Little Girl Video

I am posting this as a post but I am also going to add this as a permanent video on the blog here. I think that this is something that can help any and all of us to be more positive and learn to "like" the little things.


This woman lets out this huge fart right in the audition.