Monday, November 15, 2010

My _____ died of Cancer.....

CancerGirl wants to talk to everyone about something that I am certain many (myself included) do when a CancerSUperHero tells them that they have Cancer.

I have spent hundreds of hours and spoken to literally hundreds of people about Cancer, its effects, living with it, most of the time these "interactions" are on a one or two people at a time basis.

Because CancerGirl is soo passionate about Hats For Happiness, (and also because she was bald for some time, so the question would come up, am I a huge fan of Sinead Oconor? Do I have a loved one who I shaved my head for?) but when it comes up the first thing that many people say is "Oh I am so sorry, my (enter family member here) died of cancer" they then go on many times to tell you the details of the loved ones illness and such. CancerGirl knows and understands why people do this. She herself has done it before she was a CancerSUperHero!!

As a cancer patient, no matter how happy I was that morning, no matter how positive I am being, after an interaction like that, all I would be able to think about all day was that story. The story of the other person who told me about their mother, and that other story about that nice mans poor wife, how sad he was about having lost her.

I am not posing this blog because I want anyone to feel bad about themselves ever having done this. Like I said, even the AMAZING CancerGirl did it before she realized she was a CancerSuperHero!!! What I do ask is that you show every single one fo your friends this blog post. That you tell them about it, ask them to please, the next time the talk to someone who is going through Cancer, instead of telling them about one of MelanomaMan's FEW success (did you hear that Mr Melanoma Man!!! I said FEW, we aren't scared of you, you will not win!!!)s, tell them about a CancerSuperHero in your life!!! Tell them about your mother, that battled and fought and did her darndest to battle that EVILMelanomaMan and WON!!! Make that CancerSuperHero think the rest of the day about a strong, positive survivor!! Of course, remember the loved ones who have passed, but please, please try to help CancerGirl spread the SuperPowerOfHappiness to the world!!! If you show one person my Blog post here, and they show one person this blog post, we can change the day of a CancerSuperHero, and through that CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!! Talk about Change!!!
because well, when you hear cancer, you tend to think of those you loved and lost. I understand that, and I am very very sorry that you lost someone to the


  1. You make a really good point. I have a mental illness, and when I share that with people, they don't go, "Oh, my ____ killed themselves", they say, "Oh, my ___ has (other MI)." and they smile. It feels good, because with those few words, you know they understand. And I think that's what everybody wants, just to be understood and treated respectfully. Thanks for posting that, CG. {hugs}

  2. Excellent blog, I never really thought of it like that. Way to go CG!!!

  3. Thanks for the comments. I truly appreciate them!! Thanks!