Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SuperDog Finds Trainee!!!

Hey there everyone!! SuperDog here, I wanted to let you all know about an exciting thing that is happening here at the Lair come January. I am now getting to an age where I am going to be retiring as a SuperHeroSideKick, I plan on spending my retirement living the life of luxury. Because my job is so hard, it will take me about a year to train a new SuperDog. Since CancerGirl needs to add some more Happiness to her life, I suggested that she show the trainee in Obedience (Cg says he is pretty well behaved, but well, he has pretty big shoes to fill so can probably use the training!) and since CancerGirl LOVES showing dogs, she is also going to show him in Confirmation. Before I introduce him to you, I want to tell you a little bit about his background. CancerGirl does a great job as a CancerSuperHero, but well lets face it, she needs a lot of looking after. Sometimes she forgets that she needs to sit down sometimes when she has been standing up and walking around too much, she needs a SideKick to help her battle the EvilMelanomaMan, and most importantly, this dog has to be the acting Mascot of Hats For Happiness!!! Because of these things, this dog has to be special, and it has to come from a special place. That special place is from the Kennel of Tanimara Great Pyrenees!!
Jackie Wood of Tanimara Pyrs has Owned Great Pyrenees for the last 24 years. Her kennel is located in the heart of the Mark Twain National Forest and she raises livestock as well as Great Pyrenees. Because she breeds her dogs for temperament, working ability, and their strong attributes in the show ring, she produces dogs that are great all around dogs with very stable temperaments. She also provides training of Livestock Guardian Dogs using her own dogs to train. Her dogs are well established Livestock Guardians who are such good working dogs that scenes like this are often seen in her pastures.

Here you can see a female Great Pyrenees with a recent litter of puppies nursing a baby goat. This is a common and wanted scene in any pasture and dogs trained by Jackie's dogs are taught these type of skills.

Since the next SuperDog needs to come from great lineage, it is very important that his parents be of the highest quality. CancerGirl and I are both honored to be getting a son of "Beren" BISS GCh Ch Beren's Hope of Thorn Hill HOF. Below are a few pictures of Beren and a few of his numerous wins.

Beren Group 1 Crab Orchard Kennel Club Aug 2010

Beren Group 2 win at Crab Orchard Kennel Club Aug 2010 - back to back wins

Left to right 2008 Great Pyrenees Nationals 1st Place Stud Dog Beren's sire and his half brother Ken Savage from the UK Judge Susan Tucker and "Bowyer" Ch TipN'Chip's Spirit of Thorn Hill CDX RAE HOF HOF Beren's sire Paul Clas Handler with "Beren" BISS GCh Ch Beren's Hope of Thorn Hill HOF Pat Ramapuram breeder/handler "Tug" Ch Patorama Tug of War

There is some other AWESOME news that just recently came down the line. Beren will be entered in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in February 2011!! Check out the confirmation info below!!!

BREED  : Gr Pyrenees  Dog
DOG: WS GCH Ch Beren's Hope Of Thorn Hill 07-22-06
SIRE: Ch Tip'N Chip's Spirit Of ThornHill CDX RAE
DAM: Ch Patorama Glimmer Of Hope
BREEDER: Pat Ramapuram & Susan Tucker
OWNER: Jacqueline K/Wood/
Another very important trait that my successor should have is the ability to model and show off hats without showing any signs of embarrassment. As the "Official Spokesdog of Hats For Happiness" he will need to be able to put up with whatever silly or what I may see as stupid thing that CancerGirl may ask him to do. Here are some pictures of Beren wearing different hats, which as I said is a important aspect of being CancerGirl's SideKick!!

Ok, I have kept you in suspense quite long enough now!!! I am pleased, and proud to announce, the newest addition to our family, the next SuperDog, and son of the Great Beren!!!

Drum Roll Please.......

Banjo!!!!! Banjo, is the soon to be newest addition to the Lair. Banjo will be taking over for me and performing all of my duties once I am ready to retire. He will be getting groomed by me to be the next SuperDog and not until I am sure he is completely ready to take over those duties will I be retiring. At that point I plan on living a life of luxury here at the lair, watching the security and survail
ance videos, researching what MelanomaMan's next move is going to be, all the behind the scenes stuff that no one sees. Here is a pic of Banjo at 10 months old and a short little video of him also for you to check out.

I hope that you enjoyed this little introduction, and I am sure that there will be many pictures of me and my Trainees here on the blog and on the Hats For Happiness website so stay tuned.


  1. hes beautiful!! how wonderful for you to have found him AND going to westminster.. One jealous friend here....
    jmk and nowell ;-)

  2. I'm jealous - Banjo is a very hansom dog. I hope that you will all be very very happy together!

  3. congratulations!
    Beren is Beautiful and Banjo looks very promising.