Friday, October 29, 2010

Winding Down for the Night!! With Laughter!

CancerGirl LOVES the King Of Queens. She has every Season on DVD and watches it very often. Tonight she is watching it on The CW. It is important to get joy in small silly things that do not take a lot of time or focus when you are going through chemo. Watching things like the News and even soap operas can be hard because of the focus and concentration issues that the chemo causes. Shows such as sitcoms and stand up are much easier to watch because if you miss a little while because you are sick, when you come back you can still know what is going on and you can still laugh because the jokes are short and sweet.

Stand Up Comedy works in the same way. You can miss 15 minutes of a Stand Up Comedy and come back and still laugh because there are still jokes and punchlines. I may not have laughed for hours, but I laughed for minutes, and if you can get even a few laughs when you are battling the Mean Ole MelanomaMan you need all of the SuperPower of Happiness and Laughter you can get!!! Make sure to get your does today!!!

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