Thursday, August 19, 2010

Good, Bad and Four Hours of Awesome in Between

Hey there folks, I know it has been a while since I have written and posted a blog. I also know that in that last blog CG promised she would write at least once a week. Well, circumstances have it that SH and CG are sharing one computer, and CG has been doing chemo, so she hasn't felt at her best. Hopefully the computer sharing issue will soon be taken care of.

Ok, first things first. CG has some official business to be done before she gets on to her day. Hats For Happiness is proud as all get out to announce our brand new website We are now on the web at and That's right folks, we now have the site up, and very soon we will be registered as a non profit organization, and will be able to accept financial donations, although we would prefer if you donated Hats, Hats and more Hats.

Ok, on to the events of today. Well yesterday CG and SD went for chemo and had the first of her State and Local Government classes. This is going to be a very fun class I can tell just from the first night. After class I had to go for chemo, I had been having weird sensations in my hands and a little in my feet, it got worse and worse the past few days and had gotten to be painful. SuperOncologist said that this is Neuropathy, something that is common among those undergoing chemotherapy and that it may or may not go away when I was done with chemo. CancerGirl is optimistic that everything will be ok. This morning CG had a phone session with SuperShrink. CG and SS are not getting along although I am not so certain that SS realizes it. CG is getting very impatient with SS nagging her about things that, while they may be in CG best interest, she is tired of hearing about right now and will deal with when she has more time. After this it was time for CG and SD to get on their way to stating their day.

On CG way to town she saw her friend SuperNeighborKyle on his Big Green Tractor. She hadn't seen SNK since SuperNeighborAndy was in the hospital after having a heart attack. She pulled over Because I told her too and SFK and CG had a chat on the side of the road and SD got to say hello to SFK. SFA is doing much better, which was something that CG was very much happy to hear. She made plans for SuperHubby and CG to stop by for a visit sometime soon. It was great to get a hug from him as it always brightens my day to think of him and big happy smile. I love my neighbors I really do.

On her way to trying to get to staples, she was on the road and a white truck was behind her. Suddenly the truck turned on its blue and red lights, I pulled over thinking "What the heck did I do? They cant treat a SuperHero like this, do they know who they are dealing with?" Note from SuperDog, I don't know what CG was thinking, but I will tell you she was saying things like "What the heck did I do, I have my seat belt on, I hope I am not getting pulled over", not very much at all like the bold "Super Hero she was claiming just now. I on the other hand, the always brave JeZZy on the Spot was ready to do whatever it took by looking cute so the officer would let her go with a warning, just another service this SuperDog performs

This truck pulled right past CG, and all of a sudden I noticed the side of it said "Bomb Squad". I also noticed that suddenly there was a police officer blocking traffic from turning toward the courthouse in Paradise. Paradise City was apparently being threatened with a bomb. Oh noooo. They were not letting traffic go anywhere near the courthouse for 2 blocks on 3 sides of the courthouse, the road the pictures CG took here is a main road and necessary for traffic flow so traffic was allowed on this road, but there were police everywhere.

Since CG knew that there wasn't anything that she could do to help, she went off to her lunch with SuperFriendLynne. We met for lunch at the mall food court. CG and SD went in and sat down With me sitting in the sun mind you and SFL came over and said "I got us a better table, this way poor SD doesn't have to sit in the sun" so we moved over to the much more spacious and much better table. After about 45 minutes of sitting there talking, CG wasn't very hungry to begin with having had chemo yesterday and all, but SFL said "you gotta eat" so I had some Bourbon chicken, a little bit of rice, and half an egg roll. While we were there a man with a lab mix dog was walking through the mall, the dog had a hand made "therapy dog" sign hanging around the dogs neck. The dog was pulling and pulling to get to SuperDog and wonderful SD just picked her head up and looked at the dog and put her head back down. CG and AuntieLynne think I just looked at the dog, but really I said "What the heck is your problem? That isn't how you are supposed to act in public, you behave yourself" but CG is oblivious and thinks I look with disinterest. Shortly after this CG and SFL left the mall (ok, not shortly like a hour or so) and then CG had to "be alone" for a few minutes so she and SFL made plans to drive over to Books A Million and sit in their cafe. CG left following SFL and then SFL decided to loose CG by getting into the wrong lane then switching lanes (without signaling till she was about to change lanes) and CG ended up having to make a U turn down the road and backtrack. If CG didn't love SFL so much it would have annoyed her, but well we are watch and nail polish buddies now so of course all is forgiven (we have the same wallets also by the way :) )

CG and SFL sat in Books a Million with SuperDog for about another 2 hours and sat and talked about all kinds of things. CG was a few minutes late to class and when she walked in because she didn't want to leave SFL.

Well, CG hands are bothering her, too much typing makes my hands really hurt, cant wait to get my IPad so that it is less stressful on my hands. Till the next time we get together, be well everyone and continue to spread happiness everywhere that you go.

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  1. Love this blog! You had alot of excitement in your life lately!!!! Love the tractor part.

    Apolige, I did not mean to ditch you at the intersection, just realized I was heading to the wrong bookstore...and made a superfast move!!!

    Had a great day with you!!!!