Thursday, July 8, 2010

SD day with Auntie Lynne

SD and CG had her weekly Chemo Lunch with SuperFriendLynne. First they went and got blood work, which CG hates but after being poked this many times it is certainly not as bad as it used to be. While they were there the SuperNurseCindy mentioned that CG veins were especially hard to find, then when CG went and gave the urine sample SNC said "That is very very yellow concentrated pee, looks like someone is dehydrated" which is probably true and I am sure ends up being the case when you throw up almost everything you eat. Usually by Tuesday night CG ends up feeling less sick to her stomach and is able to keep food down for a whole 18 hours or so till she does chemo again. Such is life for now I guess. Keeping with the whole positivity theme though, hopefully there will only be 2 weeks left of it.

After her bloodwork CG met SFL at their weekly place Stone City Cafe, where CG had half an Egg Salad and Bacon sandwich. SFL had a meat filled sandwich (not sure what kind exactly) that she proceeded to take most of the meat off of for her SuperDogs at home, which I thought was sweet of her to do.

After we ate we went outside and let SuperDog have some time off, where she proceeded to dig a hole (SD HERE---It was actually 2 holes, and Auntie Lynne made that mean ole slave driver CG not chastize me about dirtying myself, I love u auntie lynne) SuperDog and CG had a wonderful conversation with SFL about many things, from how mean CG is to SD (SD AGAIN---She bathes me like 10 times a week you know, every time I turn around she is tossing me in that tub, once again, I am treated like a second class sidekick, not given the recognition I deserve, I would NEVER tell CG she was too stinky or dirty to be MY partner), we talked about silly Shelties (SD---I had a Sheltie that lived in the lair with us here ya know, she was the boss around here till she passed on, her name was Shania, and she was very noisy, but fun to watch go crazy whenever CG took me out with her). After that CG had to go to Chemo, where SuperOncologist informed her that the EvilPower of Cancer had decided to send reinforcements in, and that CG would need to get at least another 2 doses of AntiCancerSerum in order to continue the fight. After that CG will go through the MegaSuperCancerScanningMachine (PET scan) and look to see if any of the EvilPower of Cancer left any CancerVillians behind, if so we will go in and shoot down the minions of the most evil of all SuperVillians, MelanomaMan. MM is a massive figure, draped all in black, he is able to make himself tiny enough to fit on the head of a needle to avoid detection. He is a very powerful, and only killed with AntiCancerSerum and CancerKillingDeathRays.

CG and SD are watching the season premiere of Big Brother tonight. You can see a introduction to all of the cast members for this season here

CG and SH love this show and watch it every summer. It is awesome and has a MAJOR twist this season, a player who isnt playing for the win, a saboteur if you will.

Well, CG is off to watch Big Brother, stay tuned for more adventures of CancerGirl and SuperDog.

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