Thursday, November 11, 2010

CancerGirl and SuperDog do Hats For Happiness Presentation.

Hello everyone,

Today CancerGirl and SuperDog were escorted in the SuperHappyMobile by SuperHubbyto give a presentation to the Retired Federal Workers local chapter. They were met there by SuperFriend Stella pictured below who was kind enough to set up the display of hats for us. Stellamae is a very dedicated volunteer and she has been extremely influential in Hats For Happiness' recent success and getting the word spread about us. She also helped us to get our first business location dropoff for Hats!!!
CancerGirl gave a short presentation, and SuperDog once again lazily napped at her feet. You can see from the following pic that SuperDog is great at sleeping. Here is a picture of the beautiful display Stella set up, and if you look you can see SuperDog laying down on the job!
! That silly SuperDog!!! I think she may have been sulking because everyone else was eating ICE CREAM!!!

We had some technical issues so we didn't get as many pictures as we had wanted to, but we got a few and Stella also took pictures and she will be giving CancerGirl them, so there will be more pictures posted.

Here are a few of the other pictures that were taken today. I would like t
o thank the Retired Federal Employees for having me speak, and a great big thanks to Stellamae who set the tables up with such beautiful hats and who also sets up a display every Sunday at the I75 Flea Market!!! Thank you very much!!

Thanks everyone

In Love and Happiness

CancerGirl Clarice :)

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