Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Blog About a Blog

CancerGirl and SuperDog are sooo very happy and excited!! A blog has been written about Hats For Happiness!!! A friend of Hats For Happiness has a blog that she writes about local events, and excitement, and apparently she is EXCITED ABOUT HFH!!!! Well, who wouldn't be I mean really!!!

The blog is titled New World For Us and it is written by Stellamae.

Stellamae has been helping out Hats For Happiness ever snce we met each other at the Ocala Networking Meeting on the 20th of this month. You can see Stella Mae on the left and Deanna the presenter on the right. It was very informative and CancerGirl learned a lot and met a lot of great people!! Thank you everyone that was there!!

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