Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clarice Kentwood (ItsCancerGirl) on Twitter

CancerGirl is on Twitter!!!!!

Yuppers, you heard me right!!! You can now follow the minuteu of CancerGirl and SuperDogs life.

You can see tweets such as:

SuperDog just saved her Momma life!!

and the popular:

Clarice Kentwood
"I had a hard day, why doesnt anyone ever bring me tranquilizers" "Three little maids from school are we"

You too can follow CancerGirl and see what she has to say!!

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Clarice Kentwood (ItsCancerGirl) on Twitter

A Blog About a Blog

CancerGirl and SuperDog are sooo very happy and excited!! A blog has been written about Hats For Happiness!!! A friend of Hats For Happiness has a blog that she writes about local events, and excitement, and apparently she is EXCITED ABOUT HFH!!!! Well, who wouldn't be I mean really!!!

The blog is titled New World For Us and it is written by Stellamae.

Stellamae has been helping out Hats For Happiness ever snce we met each other at the Ocala Networking Meeting on the 20th of this month. You can see Stella Mae on the left and Deanna the presenter on the right. It was very informative and CancerGirl learned a lot and met a lot of great people!! Thank you everyone that was there!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fear of Breast Cancer

For those of you who follow CancerGirl on FaceBook know that she just recently finished recieving the ACS (AntiCancerSerum) to kill her Ovarian Cancer. She defeated the EvilMelanomaMan and was finally able to take a breath ad relax a little..... That is until she woke up the day after her birthday with a sore on her breast. For about 2 weeks CG had a scaly itchy spot on her breast. She didn't really think much of it, figured with all the chemo and such, she probably just had some dry skin. When she woke up the day after her birthday and in the place where it was itchy and scaly there was now a large (well large to CancerGirl, SuperOncologist said it was relatively small) purpley sore that was red and painful. be breast cancer. CancerGirl didn't think of Breast Cancer, she had never heard of Breast Cancer being on the outside, she does Breast Self Exams every month, gosh she just had A LOT of Chemo, it couldn'tSuperHubby sent CancerGirl off to see SUperOncologist, because well, he was concerned.

Super Oncologist said "It is a sore, it is not cancer, it is possibly from all the chemo, it is possibly just a boil, we will keep an eye on it". CancerGirl was satisfied with that answer, she trusts SuperOncologist explicitly.
A few more days went by and it began to hurt a little more and got harder and it was beginning to hurt radiating from the sore. CG began to do something she tries her best to refrain from doing when it comes to health related stuff concerning herself, she RESEARCHED. It made sense to do so. We are on iGive and CG figured what the heck, why not do some research and earn a penny a search!!!! She began with the site Women's Fitness where they said on their site :

Possible symptoms of breast cancer include:

  • A lump or thickening in or near the breast or in the underarm area.

  • A change in the size or shape of the breast.

  • Thickening, swelling, distortion, or tenderness of the breast

  • Skin irritation or dimpling

  • Nipple pain, scaliness, ulceration, or retraction.

  • A change in the way the skin of the breast, areola, or nipple looks or feels (for example, warm, swollen, red, or scaly).

  • Swelling or lump in armpit.

Breast pain is commonly due to benign conditions and is usually not the first symptom of breast cancer.

OMG, red, scaly, ulceration!!! I have those!! How far of a reach is it really that after finding cancer 2 places in the last 2 years, there is also Cancer in my breast.

But, as all good researchers know, you cant make a decision based on ONE source, better check this to the Breast Cancer Page on Cedars Sinai :


The signs of breast cancer include:

  • Lump or thickening that does not go away or that changes.
  • Swelling, puckering or dimpling of the breast
  • Skin irritation
  • Pain or tenderness of the nipple
The first symptom men usually notice is a painless lump. Other symptoms might include nipple discharge (possibly bloody), nipple retraction and skin ulceration. Ok, the ulceration is under CG breast, not the nipple, but still. SO said that it would come to a head and would discharge once the pressure of the infection breaks through, or he could try and nick it with a scalpel and see if that releases some of the puss. He suggested hot compresses but they just made it hurt worse afterward. Now that CG was freaking out nice and good, she decided to get her friend Pam Uziel on the horn. Pam is one of Hats For Happiness BreastCancerSuperHeroes. She asked her if she was crazy for being now convinced that she has breast cancer?? Pam gave a resounding NO!! That I was not crazy to be worried about it and freaked out, that probably for quite some time every little thing that hurts or happens CG brain will think it is Cancer.

CG made another trip to SO office, she was freaking now, what if he is wrong?? People are wrong all the time, CancerGirl was wrong just the other day in fact!!! SuperOncologist calmed CG fears, promised her it wasn't cancer, and said he could prove it to her right there. That the purple was in fact PURPLE not BLACK (CG had convinced herself that what was two days ago purpley was now black, and black means Cancer, everyone knows that!!!).

SuperOncologist went and got a needle and poked the sore right in the center of the black and OMG so much icky yucky stuff came out, and after about 5 minutes of is squeezing and pressing and stuff coming out, it wasn't black (or purpley) as much, and the pain was greatly reduced. No, it wasn't Breast Cancer, THANK GOD, for CG it was a huge relief.

For many though, it is not a relief, for many it is a reality. Right now, somewhere in this country someone somewhere is with a Super Oncologist who instead of relieving those fears, are confirming them for woman. CancerSuperHeroes are being made EVERY DAY!!!! CancerGirl is HONORED to be a CSH, but she wishes that no one will ever get to join that clan again. She wishes that there were NO CancerSuperHeroes AT ALL!!!! Until that happens though, CG will continue to fight, standing in front of other CSH when they are too weak to defend themselves, standing next to them in their strong moments, saying "You can do this, you know you can defeat that EvilMelanomaMan, you don't need me to defend you now, you go get em" and standing behind every one of them, there to catch them and hold them when they can't stand anymore, when the fight has been too hard, when they just need to rest, they can rest in the loving arms of CancerGirl, because CancerGirl is strengthened by the SuperPowers of Love, Happiness, and Joy.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ron White Read my Tweet!!!!!

Hey everyone. I want you to know that this may seem like a silly ting, "So what, Ron White read your Tweet, big deal, who cares, Ashton has read my Tweets!!" . But wait!!! I love Ashton too, I LOVED him in That 70's Show, and liked him on his show Punk'd. But Ron White has no idea how much he helped CancerGirl defeat the EvilMelanomaMan.

When CancerGirl would go and get reloaded with ACS (AntiCancerSerum AKA Chemo) she would come home and put on one of the DVD's of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, or Ron White's DVD's such as, You Can't Fix Stupid, Tater Salad, or Behavioral Problems. She would put that DVD in the player, and she would watch, and laugh, and laugh. She would laugh every single time Ron would tell his "I got thrown out of a bar....." joke, She still laughs every time she thinks of the line "Just put a paper towel over it, I will clean it up when I get home", because the idea of his floors dotted by "paper towel tee-pees" is hilarious. She would let her mind wander to the concept of a tiny little "poop Indian" tribe forming in the week that Ron was on the road, to have Good Ole Sluggo barely notice his return. It reminds CancerGirl of how unimpressed SuperDog is by CancerGirl most of the time.

CancerGirl went to Aquatica in Orlando today, SD here: Note you once again didnt hear about me getting to go to Aquatica AGAIN!!!! Ok, now that we have been RUDELY INTERRUPTED, even with having gone to the water park today, knowing that someone who had such a huge influence in my own Cancer treatment was himself going through a lot of the same things with his own lovely wife MargoRey, who is a CancerSuperHero herself, not only knew what I have been through, but also has been through the same, has truly touched CancerGirl in an AMAZING WAY

Please make sure to check out Ron's DVD's on Amazon

Thanks for supporting us in any way you feel comfortable Ron.

Hey there peeps. SuperHubby just called and woke up CancerGirl to tell her to get ready to go to Aquatica, We were supposed to be going tomorrow but SH work let him out early today because they wont be letting him go home early tomorrow. Soooo, off to the waterpark for us.

CG and SD Off To Bed

CancerGirl and SuperDog are both very tired. It is now 3:30am here at the lair, and SuperHubby has left for work. Even CancerSuperHeroes need sleep!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CancerGirl's Birthday

Hey there everyone, CancerGirl and SuperHubby went to Aquatica Orlando this past week for CancerGirls Birthday. SH and CG bought a disposable underwater camera, so she could take lots of pictures of their trip in the water and such. SD here: I didn't get to go, if you notice NONE of the pictures she posts will have me in them, I'm just sayin..... We left later then we had meant to leave, but still got there well within the first hour of them being open. It was also nice not having to stand in line outside waiting for them to open the gates also. The first slide we went on is called Lagerhead Lane. This is the slower of the 2 lazy river type rides in the park. Here is a picture of SuperHubby almost falling out of his tube. As you can see, although he was having trouble staying in his tube, he still looked to be having fun. It is definitely the water that makes people HAPPY!!!! Here he is again in his tube, much happier as you can see. I don't know what made him happier, being in the water and the sun, or seeing how happy I was to be there. I don't think I laughed so much in a long time. It was wonderful for both of us. It is important that as SuperCareGivers, your mental and physical health is looked after also. So often everyone is worried about the CancerSuperHero (not like it is necessary, I mean we are after all SUPER
HEROES!!!) but still
ey worry. It is good to have days like this where there is plenty of smiles. One of CancerGirls favorite things to do with the camera was take pictures of the the slides, the slides at Aquatica are awesome, and I was fortunate enough to get some pretty cool pictures of the inside of them. Here is a picture or two to check out.
As you can see, the sun was shining the whole day, so it made the entire experience that much better.

One of CancerGirls Favorite things about the entire day were the Dolphins that they have at Aquatica. The dolphins they have there are called Commerson's dolphins. They are a smaller sized dolphin then you normally think of when you think of a dolphin. They are also a different color then the gray that is normally associated with dolphins. I took a few pictures of the dolphins, who LOVE to swim and play and frolic with each other.

My favorite thing about the Commerson's dolphins was how agile they were while swimming in their habitat. There were large rock pillars and they easily and nimbly dodged in and out of the pillars like they were invisible.

At the end of the day, my favorite part had to be the time that was spent with SuperHubby. So often with all the electronics that we both have, we don't often have much time that we are together without the phone, or the TV or the computers (or IPads ) distracting both of us. This day was completely about him and I. We had a great time and can't wait to return later this week What's this?? You are going out without me AGAIN???? SideKicks get no respect in this industry anymore!!!