Friday, July 23, 2010

An Eventful Week for CancerGirl and SuperDog

Hello Everyone. CancerGirl and SuperDog had a long week this week. She has decided that she is going to from now on commit to posting at least once a week. I know in the past I had said that I would post daily, but to be honest, many days there isnt enough in my world that goes on that anyone would be interested in.

First of all, CancerGirl spent Wednesday having lunch with SuperFriendLynne, we ate at Denny's, which has awesome food as well as a great atmosphere. She then had an appointment with SuperShrink who CancerGirl is having some issues with. In addition to issues with bringing SuperDog with me (which I dont really want to get into here and now) since I have been idagnosed, at least 75% of our sessions are spent talking about the cancer. Not the feelings or emotions or anything, but the medical stuff relating to it, we discuss my diet (he nags CancerGirl to eat greens and such) and talking about things that I am just honestly plain tired of talking about. Not to mention that every single time he brings up what I am eating, and what vitamins he wants me to take, he says "I am only going to mention this once, then I wont come back to it" but then he always does. Maybe the chemo is making CancerGirl crabby, but she is getting very frustrated by this.

After SuperShrink CancerGirl had chemo. She thought that it was supposed to be her last one, but she found out the next day that she has three week off, he called it a "med vacation" (I want to know who the hell ever came up with that terminology? I mean does he really think I am going on a cruise for the next three weeks???). So, CancerGirl has the next 3 weeks of not having to go do chemo. Of course he still wants CancerGirl to come see him next week (which she jokingly said to him "Of course you do, that 20 bucks from my copay is helping you make that yacht payment") so she will see SuperOncologist again this coming week. Ok enough of the medical stuff, on to fun stuff

CancerGirl and SuperDog met SuperFriendLynne at Sam's Club and we got a yummy pizza, a few pounds of bacon (CancerGirl loves bacon and so does SuperDog, SuperHubby likes the Maple kind but they didnt have any of that at the store so he just has to deal). CancerGirl loves her SuperFriend Lynne and is very sad that her daughter Susan's Mother In Law passed away. My condolences go out to her family, and they are in my thoughts.

SuperDog loves going out with CancerGirl and loves doing her job. Tomorrow our plans are to go to the flea market and pass out some AVON catalogs to people. Tonight CancerGirl has to write her Email Addy and Phone Number on all the catalogs so that the people will be able to get a hold of her. In the future she will have printed up labels for the back fo the catalogs, so this taks will be much easier. If you would like to help Hats For Happiness and also get some great products, the link to purchase Avon is below.

Sell Avon and Help Hats For Happiness

You can also purchase items at to help out Hats For Happiness by clicking our ads on the page (please remember to also click the adsense links below the posts, they help also)

I also want you all to know that our group on Facebook for Hats For Happiness is getting larger every single day. We got a huge box of absolutely adorable "head hugger" type hand knitted and crocheted head coverings. I am looking for some wig stands and such and I will be able to post pictures for everyone to see them. Stay tuned for lots more Hats For Happiness news coming up.

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