Thursday, September 16, 2010

SuperDog and CancerGirls lunch with SuperFriendLynne

Hey everyone, SuperDog here. I usually don't post an entire blog post, I leave that up to CancerGirl, but well, she has recently been poisoned by the EvilMelanomaMan. You can see the EvilOne himself right there, scary looking dude aint he. Well anyways, CancerGirl is going to be ok, she has one more battle with MelanomaMan next week, then she should be able to continue our mission, which is of course to spread the SuperPower of Happiness to the world through Hats.

But first, I have to tell you guys about how unappreciated I am. I am going to tell you all about an amazing thing I did, then I will tell you what my reward was and you tell me what you think ok??

Well, CancerGirl and I were meeting SuperFriendLynne at McDonalds, and since CG just got me a new Ipad for my command center (you can click the little ad on the left there to buy the same IPad that I have) and it was a nice day out, CancerGirl decided that we would sit outside on the patio area and wait for SFL to get there.

CG sat down and got her Ipad out, and I laid down under the table where I usually lay when CG sits down at a table. We were there for a while (we usually are always waiting because CG is a little nuts about time) and I didn't even see her, but I could just tell that SFL was there. I stood up and went to go inside, where I saw SFL walking through the restraunt. Well that silly CG, she said "SuperDog (she doesn't call me SD in public, but I cant let my true identity be known) lay down" and I came over and looked at her, because no matter how hard I try she doesn't pick up on my telepathic abilities. I think that is one of the true things that you humans missed when you got made, because of all the species out there, you guys are the only ones who don't have clear inter species communication. You give it a good try, and maybe a few hundred generations from now you guys will get it, but for now, I am left with giving plaintive stares and trying to get CancerGirl to pick up on them.

Well, I laid down, because she told me to, but I was NOT happy about her not listening to me. I thought about it again, and decided that I was gonna try again. I stood up and started walking towad the restraunt where I JUST saw SuperFriendLynne, and finnaly CancerGirl stood up and followed me. She seemed annoyed, but she folowed me. I walked over to the bathroom, where I had just seen SFL go, and when CG opened the door, right there, I mean RIGHT THERE was SuperFriendLynne. CG and SFL were all impressed and stuff, but I knew it was just another day in the life of a SuperSideKick.

We then went and ordered our food. CancerGirl told the woman what she wanted, and then she said "and a 6 piece chicken nugget also please" and when the lady said "What kind of sauce do you want with that?" she said "I dont need any sauce, they are for the dog", I was like "THATS MEEEE, Finaly she is achknowledging my talents and is letting me enjoy lunch with her and SuperFriendLynne", I began to get very happy. CG got her food, and we sat down. For some reason, I didnt get the food, CG put it aside and it just sat there, the whole time, it just sat right there on the table while I was told to lay under the table AGAIN. Uggh, so unappreciated I am, I mean I let her know SFL was there for lunch, even led her to her, and still, I get nothing.

After we left and got back to the Van I got the Chicken Nuggets, but by then I had already grown a resentment toward CancerGirl. Luckily I am able to put aside such feelings for the greater good.

Well, since you all asked, here is a picture of me at the controls of the CommandCenter of the lair.

Here I am, see I have my Ipad, and of course my Laptop. As you can see, when I am working in the lair, I always wear my Hat, This is the first hat that was ever given to Hats For Happiness. Speaking of Hats For Happiness, CancerGirl would be very upset if she found out that I wrote this blog and I didnt even mention the important things going on, so here goes.

Hats For Happiness
now has a website at WWW.HatsForHappiness.Org. Please come check it out and see the different ways that you can help Hats For Happiness.

The next thing that I have to mention is that we desperately need volunteers, there are a few different ways that you can sign up to volunteer and help Hats For Happiness. You can respond through the Contact Us link on the website. You can also send us a message at

Please follow us on Twitter and FaceBook by clicking the badges on the right hand side of the page here.

CancerGIrl is also selling Avon for Hats For Happiness. If you would like to purchase Avon and also et great products, you can do so by clicking this link------> Shop Avon and help Hats For Happiness.

You can also shop for your favorite magazine titles and help Hats For Happiness with 40% of the purchase price going directly to Hats For Happiness check out this link-------> Get awesome magazines and help Hats For Happiness

Ok folks, make sure to check out the website, Follow us on Twitter, and FaceBook, and stay Happy.

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