Saturday, August 22, 2009

CancerGirl does Math

Hello Everyone,

Sorry CancerGirl hasn't written for a few days. CancerGirl got a phone call from her Oncologist saying that he wants her to restart the chemo a week earlier then he had told her originally. CancerGirl explained that she just started school, the doctor apologized, but said that he would rather be safe then sorry. CancerGirl is not happy about this, but she will do what she needs to do of course. Now on to bigger and better things


Shortly after graduating high school I met SuperHusband (SH from here on in) of course he wasn’t super husband when I met him. SH grew to become SH through a series of very frustrating and sometimes downright infuriating tests that CancerGirl’s real life persona sent him through. Sometimes SH dropped out of the training program, and CG and SH parted ways for short periods of time, but eventually SH saw the inevitability of joining her force so he agreed to submit to the ceremony making them SuperSpouses.


Today CancerGirl and SuperHubby and SUperDog went out for dinner. CancerGirl needed it after doing math all day long. CG hates math , SH tries to get her to like it, but no matter how much she tries, math is her kryptonite. So, after spending all day doing math, CG needed a dinner out.

CG and SD share the lair with 3 SuperKitties. Two of them have run of the house, and the other is the BedroomKitty. She choose to be the bedroom Kitty because all the other cats were not being nice to her. Well, the past week or so BK has been hanging out in the rest of the house. The other kitties are being nice to her, but she is still very suspicious of them.


Tomorrow CancerGirl starts her next round of chemo. She is spending today watching That 70's Show on DVD in order to charge up the HumorMeter in preperation for the next 6 weeks. CancerGirl has come to the conclusion that she will have to tell her professors about starting chemo. This will take the SuperPower of Honesty to achieve. CancerGirl has a tendency to minimize what is going on with her, she is more likely to say "I am fine, I can handle this" which for a SuperHero is important, to be able to handle things and make decisions and such, but it is also equally important to call into action the other SuperHeros of the world in order to help also. No SUperHero acts alone, they all have other SUperHeros they can call when the Evil is too powerful.

Today's Link of the Day

As I mentioned before, I am watching That 70's Show from the first season through the last. Soooo, today's link of the day is

Being a child of the 70's (1976 in fact) I don't remember much of the 70s, but I love the music, love the ideas (peace and all that cool jazz) and absolutely love the fashion of the time.

That 70's Show brings all that wonder of being a teen int he 70's into today. From the cast of teenagers, (Donna, Eric, Kelso, Hyde, Fez, Jackie, Laurie and later Randy) to the adults who at times are more immature and wild then the teens.

The show follows them through their high school years as they navigate their way through growing up. Between Red (Eric's father) threatening to constantly put his foot up someones ass, and Kitty (Eric's mother) who spends a good portion of her days and nights drinking, which no one seems to really pay much attention to because she is such a happy soul.

CancerGirls favorite episode has to be the episode that the crew decides to get Hyde a birthday gift that he would never forget. Eric, Kelso and Donna decide to go get him a street sign from "High St". When they get to the sign, the suggestion is made to climb on top of Kelso's van, to which he protests to because it might "buckle the top of the van", so they tie a rope to the bumper, and pull the bumper off the van.

When that does not succeed in pulling the sign post down, they send Kelso to Eric's garage to get a saw. When he meets Red in the garage, and red asks why he needs a saw, Kelso tells red that Eric "Threw a rabbit into a tree", which must be the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard, but nonetheless, they are able to get the saw. There was also a failed attempt to "blow up" the pole using firecrackers, which didn't ignite till after they were placed back into Kelso's jacket pocket, which they blew a hole straight through.

Hyde was so excited to get his sign, that the only appropriate thing to do was gather in "the sacred circle" and rejoice.

You can get the entire series on DVD using the following link.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

CancerGirl and SuperDog go to School

If you are following me on Twitter then you know this already, if you aren't then SHAME ON YOU :) but CG and SD went to the first day of school today.


CG had a professor when she was in HS (guess inHS they called them teachers huh) well anyway, I had a math teacher named MS. I was not very good at math, so he started letting me read Newsweek magazine during math class as long as she would stay in her seat and be quiet. (CG was a little hyper as a kid, well she still is, but back then to sit through a math class was like torture to her. SuperDog says that if she had her along then she would have probably been calmer, but who knows.

MS was the teacher in charge of the Bowling Club. The bowling club was what he called a "team" but usually a "team" plays against other "teams". We never played any other team, in fact it was more that we just left school early every Friday afternoon (about a hour or more early in fact) and went to the bowling alley and bowled for a few hours. It was fun (CG cant bowl anymore, but she was "pretty good for a lefty" as everyone used to say) and I enjoyed getting to leave school.


CG and SD went to school today. SD LOVES school, when the CancerMobile pulls onto campus she gets all excited and can't help but make noises. CG tell her to calm the heck down, that this is no way for a SideKick to act, how does she think Batman would feel if Robin all of a sudden started whining and spinning circles in the back of the BatMobile??? She doesn't seem to care much, as it doesn't slow her down any.

Had College Algebra first class. We walked in and SD said "What the heck did they do to this place? Doesn't smell anything like what it did last time we were around this place" CG didn't acknowledge her, because if she did then it would just give SD a reason to spend the day complaining.

CG doesn't have her BiWheelTurboBoostedSuperHeroMovingDevice as of yet, but when she does get it SuperDog will be asked to hit the handicapped button in order to open doors and such. Since she needs to have this SuperPower CG has been training her the last few semesters knowing that eventually it would be truly necessary. You can see a pic of SD hitting the handicapped button at school below.

SD Loves to hit the handicapped buttons on campus, mostly because her admirers usually stand around and "ohhhh and ahhhh" over her great ability. Meanwhile CG is so tired of SD going around showing off, she tells her "settle down missy, there is plenty of time to be showing off, wait till there is a true emergency, like someone letting the Evil Power of Doubt slip in" SD asks "Ok, you got me, What the Heck is the Power of Doubt??" CG explains., "when one is trying to achieve SuperHeroDom they have to fight off many Evil Powers, Doubt, is that tiny little voice in your head that says "maybe this isn't such a good idea, what makes you think you can do all that?" and the only way to really combat it is to just go ahead and do it. SuperHeros are many times doubted, not only in their deeds (do you really think doing Chemo and going to school is a good idea?) but in their intentions (do you think that people will think less of you if you don't stay in school?) and the answer to the first question is YES, a BIG yes. I laughed more today then I have in weeks. Seeing SD wait till she saw someone other then CG watching her when she was told to open the door so that the other person could see it too and maybe comment, to my "DUH" moment today when CG sent SD under the table in her first class, then feeling like a idiot when the student behind me said "She can't get under there, the table has a piece in the middle she cant fit under". Meanwhile SD is saying "Ummmmmm Hey there Genius CG, I cant get under there, why would you do that?" CG explained that she didn't mean to, but she didn't notice they changed the tables in the rooms. SD said "Told you this lace smelled different" Ugggh, a SuperHero can never make their SideKick happy as long as they are their SideKick


This weekend will probably be spent doing Math. CG favorite thing in the world to do. She has to figure out how to measure the distance between 2 points on a graph. SD isn't much help as the best she can come up with as far as that goes is to ask CG if she thinks that going and pointing at the cookie jar would motivate SH to come give her one. SH doubts he would do something like that, but you never know.

CancerGirl is a week and a half away from starting the Evil Chemo again. She is trying not to think about it too much. It will probably be a weekend of watching all the seasons of Reno 911 as CG just found out yesterday that it has been cancelled. In honor of a great show, she is going to spend the weekend charging her HumorMeter by watching all the seasons on DVD starting from the beginning. Will most likely take her all weekend, but what the hey, weekend TV sucks anyway:)

Link of the Day

Today's Link of the Day is: Reno 911 Official Website

Reno 911 is one of the funniest shows on TV. Sadly, the network has decided to cancel the show as of yesterday according to Thomas Lennon, who plays Lt Dangle, a fitting name for a Sheriff who wears shorts so short that the idea of him ever "dangling" is slim to none. If Lt Dangle isn't wearing his short short shorts, he is wearing his underwear, which is actually worse then the short shorts. Lt Dangle tries his best to run the most efficint police station that he can, but with employees like his, it is at times impossible.

One of the most interesting aspects of Lt Dangle is the ambiguity about his sexuality. He at times acts as if he is heterosexual, but then we see him in scenes like when he moved out of his trailer to the trailer 3 trailers down from where he lived. He asked his co-workers to help him move, and only one of them showed up, he came out holding a cocktail wearing the shortest shorts I have ever seen a man wear, and a shirt that "because he was hot" he tied in the front of him. Made one wonder just exactly what he is "looking for" in a mate.

You can see a YouTube video of the show below.

You can purchase the entire Seasons of Reno 911 along with the Movie Reno 911: Miami on Amazon by clicking the link below.

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School Starts Tomorrow for CancerGirl and SuperDog

actually it starts today, but since I spent 2 hours writing a blog to have it get erased when I went to post it, it is now 4am, so I am gonna start over


When CancerGirl was in school as a child she hated Gym class. It wasn't the teachers, she liked them well enough, but the problem came in that she was a clutz. Now before you start saying "I am sure she wasn't any more clutzy then any other teenager out there" stop, she was and still is a big clutz. She would run upstairs her feet would go faster then her brain, and she would do a faceplant into the stairs.

Today CancerGirl is happy that she doesn't have to take a gym class, she does have to take some sort of "physical education" but that can also be a class on nutrition.


SuperDog went to the spa tonight. She was not happy about this, but she went grudgingly (and a 90 pound SideKick doing anything grudgingly can be a pain). She requested a private bathing suite since there were other dogs there and she didnt want them to see her go through the indignity of getting bathed. Of course, CancerGirl can't afford to use a groomer that has such a facility, so she got her bath in front of the other dogs that were there. Everyone there loved her and her groomer gave her cookies. The groomer did find one spot that I had thought was a bit of dirt, turned out to be what looked like a spider bite. She will be fine, but she does have a spot right on top of her head that is missing some hair, pretty ironic since I went through chemo and didnt loose one bit of hair (thank god).


Well, tomorrow is the first day of school. CancerGirl always gets panicky about the first day of classes. I think it is because she reads the syllabus and then decides the teacher is very strict and that she isnt going to like them, then the first day of school she finds out that they are in fact very nice. It is more the anxiety of not knowing what they are going to be like then anything. This will be CancerGirls first semester on campus as a SuperHero, and hopefully everyone wont be too taken back by seeing one. SuperDog is excited, when she saw CG pick up her backpack, SD came runing over and tried to get it put on. She was upset to find that CancerGirl was just putting it in the washer so that it will be nice and clean for tomorrow.

Link of the Day

As you know, CancerGirl has been using Twitter for the past few days to update everyone. She has also been following some people as well.

Today's Link of The Day is

CancerGirl first saw Bill Engvall when he opened for Reba McEntire at the Garden State Arts Center in New Jersey (if you culdnt tell by the Garden State thing) and at first she was dissapointed that there was a opener, as she had gone with SPP (Super PopPop, CG grandfather) to see ReBa and CG considered having a comedian as a opener was boring (CG was 15 at the time). All that dissapointment was gone 10 minutes into Bill Engvall's set.

Bill Engall specializes in those special moments when the Evil Power of FootInMouth sets in. Those times when you know that what you are about to ask is a stupid question, but you can't help but ask it.

Like when you see your neighbor bringing boxes out of his house and putting them into a big truck. You walk over and ask him if he is moving. You know what the answer is, why else would someone completely empty their house? YOu feel foolish for asking, but you just had to anyway.

One of CancerGirls most favorite bits that BIll Engvall does is when he talks about the DorkFIsh. A very ugly fish who also isnt very smart, as he eats corndogs without even bothering to ask himself how a corndog would have goten to the bottom of the ocean .

You can watch Bill Engvall's DorkFish bit on here:

You can also purchase Bill Engvall's StandUp DVD's and CD's at by clicking on the link below.

The Bill Engvall Show: The Complete First Season

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CancerGirl and SuperDog Start School Tomorrow

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CancerGirl Gets Ready For School

Hello everyone,

CG and SD are starting school Thursday. She is very excited and nervous at the same time. She still hasn't gotten her books or her supplies as of yet. Tomorrow is the day of major running around.


Whenever the beginning of a school semester begins, CG starts thinking about her previous experiences with school. When CG was in Middle School and High School she was always being told she wasnt living up to her potential. This always really annoyed CG because first of all, if it was my potential, then why do they care if I am living up to it or not, and how do they know what my potential was anyway?? It isnt like they stamp on our heads when we are born "has the potential to ...." . I also always wondered how many of these people who were telling me this were living up to their own potential, many of which I think were not in fact doing so. I think that before they started talking to tohers about thier potential, that perhaps they would have been better served trying to live up to their own potential.


Today CG and SH and SD had a nice relaxing day at home. CG was very physically worn down today. I think possibly she isnt charging her HumorMeter enough lately. It felt like someone had put a lead weight in CG's SuperHero uniform.

CG and Sh watched Hells Kitchen tonight, one of CancerGirls favorite shows. She enkoys watching Chef Gordon Ramsay yell at the people who come into his kitchen on the show. I always find it quite ironic that these people are being given the opprotunity of a lifetime (if you are into the whole cooking thing, CG hates to cook, so it would be torture to her) and to see these people have such attitudes with CHef Ramsay and act like he has no clue.

Tonight SD did something very uncharacteristic of her. CG was sitting on the couch (the lair is outfitted with a dual recliner loveseat) and SD climbed into the other recliner and curled up. CG reminded her that she is not allowed on the furniture and that opened a whole can of worms with SD. She started muttering "of course, you people sit on the furniture all day long, the SuperCats hang out on the furniture all day long, I jump up for 2 minutes ot lay next to you and all of a sudden its a problem". I agreed with SD that it wasnt fair, and I let her stay on the chair, telling her to never let SH see her up there.


CG and SD have a big day tomorrow full of running around and doing errands. SD needs a new collar for school, she has requested something in a diamond stud, but we have decided to go with something in purple instead.

SD is also going to the Spa tomorrow. She was very excited about this, started talking about the messages and mud packs and about how she was finnaly getting the recognition she deserves. CG informed her that her spa day would in fact consist of a full body rubdown, but that it would be accompanied by a bath. SD started talking about how she felt it was unfair as she would never take me to the spa and tell them to scrub me down and blow me dry. I told her that if she kept herself clean then she would not hav to go to spa.

Link of the Day

Today's link of the day is

Gordon Ramsay Biography

Chef Gordon Ramsay was born in Scotland where he played football until a injoury ended his hopes of a sports career. He then enrolled in culinary shool and began to apprentice with numerous world class chefs.

He went outon his own and began opening restraunts and now has 5 star restraunts all over the world.

You can purchase his book on using the following link.

Roasting in Hell's Kitchen: Temper Tantrums, F Words, and the Pursuit of Perfection,

Check out his books and be sure to watch the next episode of Hell's Kitchen

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Monday, August 17, 2009

CancerGirl gets Sidetracked

It's A Bird! It's A Plane!! NO!!! It's CancerGirl!!!!

Hello everyone, CancerGirl and SuperHubby set out for Aquatica this morning, and on the way there the tire blew, so we didn't go to Aquatica today, we are looking at friday now as more likely then anything. I hope I am up for it friday, as I start school thursday.


Yesterday CG had the all important mission of ending the evils of EvilBoredom and EvilGloominess that was attacking SuperSister, so CG and SuperDog went to work. We picked SS up in the CancerMobile and drove around and had a nice talk. SD got to have french fries so she was happy, as she finnaly felt that she was being given the recognition that she deserved. Little did she know she only got them because SS doesnt like the crispy ones, and CG is against wasting.

SS has a cast on her arm, and in order to remind her that CG and SD helped her to fight the EvilBoredom and EvilGloominess CG signed SS cast. There is a picture below of SS cast. It was CG way of saying "CG and SD was here" yes it is a little less obvious then coming through the side of a building or leaping a tall building in a single bound, but I am not yet to that level of SuperHero.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Well, today didnt go exactly as CG and SH had planned. They took off from the lair in the CancerMobile and got about 20 minutes away from the lair and ran over a nail on the road and the tire went flat. CancerGirl told SH not to panic, (which is the first thing they teach us in SuperHeroSchool) and that since she was a SuperHero she had SuperPowers and would easily be able to fix everything. She went to her State of the Art, High Tech, F.I.N.D. Sytem (stands for Find It Now Dummy) which she had the CancerMobile outfitted with when the Evil power of ForeverLost struck her and SD on a mission, and she was unable to complete her mission. She immediately went to the SuperHeroMart and purchased the F.I.N.D. system and had it installed.

CG punched in "Auto Repair, and hit "Find It" and next thing we knew the CancerMobile was navigating to the repair shop.

After the tire was fixed we realized that by the time we got to Aquatica and parked and got inside that more then half the day would be over, so we rescheduled for Firday.


CG and SD begin school Thursday. This is a very exciting time for CG every semester, as she gets to go to her second favorite store and get supplies. CG loves school supplies, pens, pads, binders, all the things that go with being in school. Between that and getting to meet a whole new group of students, and new professors, such a wonderful time. Many people have pointed out that going to college and doing chemo (which I begin the next round of on or around Sept 1) is a very large and possibly not good undertaking. They have suggested I "take time off" but CG is a SuperHero, who is capable of doing anything, not to mention the fact that Cancer isnt going to take a day off from trying to iradicate my SuperPowers, so I can't "take time off" from fighting.

My only concern, is that the BiWheelTurboBoostedSuperHeroMovingDevice is not going to be ready yet, it is being built by a group of designers of SuperHero vehicles, so till that comes it will be a little harder to get around campus, but I have survived before, (even before becoming a SH) so I will once again.

Link of the Day

Today is Monday, and I have decided to add something called MovieMondays to the blog. Every Monday, in order to help fight the EvilGloomies CG will watch and review a funny movie. I will choose funny movies that many may not have had a chance to see because they either went straight to DVD or they didnt get as much press when they came out.

The first "MovieMonday's" movie is

Death to Smoochy

Death to Smoochy is a movie starring Robin Williams (CancerGirls most favorite in the world comedian).

Robin Willians plays Rainbow Randolph, a children's tv celebrity, he is charged with fraud by the FBI when it is found out that he is accepting bribes from childrens parents to be on his show. He is fired and the network decides to find the most squeaky clean and without blemish character that noone would ever be able to find fault with.

Enter Smoochy

Smoochy is a big purple Rhino played by Sheldon Mopes, he is found singing songs to the patients at a local free clinic, where he sings such songs as "get you off that smack", a song about.... duh... getting off smack. Check out a video of Smoochy singing the smack song below


When Rainbow Randolph was fired he became homeless and he blames Smoochy for the reason why he is now broke and homeless he decides that Smoochy must die. He begins a campaign of underhanded things trying to get smoochy to get off the air.

I highly suggest you purchase this movie if you have not seen it, as it is truly a very funny movie. Everyone loves Robin Williams, and this is one of his much less known films. You can get the movie from amazon for less then ten dollars by clicking the link below.

Death to Smoochy (Widescreen Edition)

Tune in tomorrow to see where the Adventures of CancerGirl and SuperDog will ead us next.

Remember that every purchase you make through my Blog helps CancerGirl fulfill her mission of bringing the strongest SuperPower out there, the power of Laughter, to the world.

Off to Aquatica.

Ok Folks, I am off to Aquatica with SuperHubby, make sure to check my blog tonight for all the details.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

CancerGirl Tweets

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!! NO!!! It's CancerGirl!!!!

Thats right folks, you heard right, CancerGirl is tweeting now. My Twitter site is

Get CancerGirls Tweets

Bear with CancerGirl though, because while she does have SuperPowers, she does not have the power of AllKnowledge. I will get better with all this as time goes on.

I also have RSS feeds that you can use to subscribe to me.


So how did I get to become CancerGirl? (why don’t we just use CG from here on out and shorten this thing up??) Well like most superheros my life was pretty normal (ok, those of you who are in CancerGirl’s SecretSociety know that nothing about me is or ever was normal) but, it was normal enough. I grew up in a town, much like any other town out there before Wal Mart and Mc Donald’s invaded the country. The kind of town that had a Main Street called Main Street. It had little shops that had their own little niche, one was a clothing store for women, they didn’t sell any mens clothes at all, nope, that place is famous for being the store that CancerGirl’s mom, SuperMom (SM for short, see the pattern here?) took her to get measured for her first bra. Down the street from there was a music store. Not like they sold music there, nothing good like tapes and such, no, it was a store that sold musical instruments (which by the way is where I got my clarinet when I tried that, more on that another day though). There was also a jeweler, and a shoe shop and a coiffeurs place (was almost 20 before I realized it was a baurty parlor, I never needed any coiffures so I never bothered going in). Get whre I am going with this, a small non descript town, not famous for much of anything.

Ok, On to today......


CancerGirl and SuperDog sometimes have arguments. I think any SuperHero and SideKick have their arguments. CG was doing stuff in thekitchen when I guess SD got impatient about wanting her dinner. Sometimes CancerGirl forgets about dinner for SD, and you would think that being a SuperHero that she would be able to get herself something to eat, but apparently she hasnt mastered that exact skill yet.

So CG tells SD that she will have to wait, that she was making dinner for SuperHusband. Well.... SD got her tail all in a snit, because I was feeding SH first. This is a ongoing thing with them. SD has a lot of resentments toward SH because he is CG Partner and she is just her SideKick. So she started in on the old argument of "Why is he the partner? I am the one who goes to school with you. I go out with you and help you fight gloom and all he does is sit here inthe lair and play poker and video games!!!" CG told her that she met and inducted SH into the SecretSociety long before she came and applied. She said "Well then make me a partner too" and CG had to explain to her that would never happen, because of the no opposable thumbs thing. In order to fulfill the role of partner, one must have opposable thumbs to be able to do things like put on the SuperHero tool belt. CG feels it is innapropriate for a partner to not be able to dress themselves.

SD threatened to quit and find a more suitable SuperHero to be sidekick to, kinda a "I dont need this crap" type of attitude, so CG had to remind her she must be low on GratitudeAttitude because in this job market, one should be grateful to have a job at all. SD thought about this for a while (while CG and SH ate their dinner, chicken and shrimp linguini alfredo, yummy) and returned to CancerGirls suite and SD said she was sorry for not remembering to use her GratitudeAttitude and that sometimes she just feels like I forget that she is just as worried about the evil power of Gloominess taking over the world, and sometimes that can make her a little testy.

In the end, CancerGirl and SuperDog made up and they took a trip in the CancerMobile and everything was fine once again.


CancerGirl and SuperDog are going to the mall with SuperSister tomorrow. CancerGirl hasnt been going out much at all lately and SS pointed out how CG was ignoring her and that she wasnt spending any time with her, so CG is going with SS to the Mall. She has to drop off SH to deal Poker, SH does his job of fighting the Evil Gloominess by making the people on his poker tables laugh.

So CG is dropping SH off, picking up SS, going to the mall for a little while, not long though because CancerGirl is waiting to get her new mode of transportation in the form of a BiWheelTurboBoostedSuperHeroMovingDevice (what mortals would call a Wheelchair). so she cant walk very far or long, not to mention that having just gotten over Chemo she is still quite wiped out physically and her muscles ache quite a bit, of course for a SuperHero like CG, pain isnt gonna stop her from brightening SS day with her power of Laughter.

Link of the Day

Jeff Dunham is a comedian who is accompanied by numerous SideKicks of his own. He truly is a comedy treaure that is certain to help charge up your HumorMeter. I watched one of his DVD's today and laughed so much I cried. It takes something to be very very funny to make CancerGirl laugh so hard she cries.

One of Jeff Dunhams most famous SideKicks is Walter, a cantankerous older gentleman who never has a nice word for anyone and spends most of his time complaining about the state of the world today. He is such a curmudgen that you cant help but love him.

He also has Peanut, a odd looking fellow who is kinda manic and thinks everything in the world is just great, life is wonderful and he loves everyone. Peanut is CancerGirls favorite SideKick of Jeff's.

You can purchase CancerGirls favorite Jeff Dunham DVD at for less then 10 Dollars.

Jeff Dunham - Arguing With Myself

..>..>Support This Site

BeepBeepBeep BeepbeepBeep BeepBeepBeep

Uh Oh, thats CancerGirls OfficialAnnouncementAlarm. That signals that CancerGirl has a new aspect of CancerGirls Blog, or other important announcement.

Hold on a minute while CancerGirl goes to the OfficialAnnouncementFunnyFax Machine to see what the alarm was all about.

Ok, CancerGirl is back, the OfficialAnnouncement is amazing. You can now purchase Official CancerGirl products at


The OfficialAnnouncement says that new products are being added every day. There are a few different CancerGirl logos to choose from, and new designs arebeing created as we speak.

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