Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ron White Read my Tweet!!!!!

Hey everyone. I want you to know that this may seem like a silly ting, "So what, Ron White read your Tweet, big deal, who cares, Ashton has read my Tweets!!" . But wait!!! I love Ashton too, I LOVED him in That 70's Show, and liked him on his show Punk'd. But Ron White has no idea how much he helped CancerGirl defeat the EvilMelanomaMan.

When CancerGirl would go and get reloaded with ACS (AntiCancerSerum AKA Chemo) she would come home and put on one of the DVD's of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, or Ron White's DVD's such as, You Can't Fix Stupid, Tater Salad, or Behavioral Problems. She would put that DVD in the player, and she would watch, and laugh, and laugh. She would laugh every single time Ron would tell his "I got thrown out of a bar....." joke, She still laughs every time she thinks of the line "Just put a paper towel over it, I will clean it up when I get home", because the idea of his floors dotted by "paper towel tee-pees" is hilarious. She would let her mind wander to the concept of a tiny little "poop Indian" tribe forming in the week that Ron was on the road, to have Good Ole Sluggo barely notice his return. It reminds CancerGirl of how unimpressed SuperDog is by CancerGirl most of the time.

CancerGirl went to Aquatica in Orlando today, SD here: Note you once again didnt hear about me getting to go to Aquatica AGAIN!!!! Ok, now that we have been RUDELY INTERRUPTED, even with having gone to the water park today, knowing that someone who had such a huge influence in my own Cancer treatment was himself going through a lot of the same things with his own lovely wife MargoRey, who is a CancerSuperHero herself, not only knew what I have been through, but also has been through the same, has truly touched CancerGirl in an AMAZING WAY

Please make sure to check out Ron's DVD's on Amazon

Thanks for supporting us in any way you feel comfortable Ron.

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