Saturday, April 9, 2011

CancerGirl and SuperDog Spread Some Happiness!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Today, SH (SuperHubby), SD (SuperDog) and I, along with our good friend and Hats For Happiness SuperVolunteer Tasha went to the Chick Fil A in Apopka Florida for their "family Fun Day". There we met Debbie Turner and her daughter Brenda from the Debbie Turner Cancer Care Center in Apopka.

The Family Fun Day is hosted by the Chick Fil A in Apopka. The Manager is named Margie and she is a great supporter of the Cancer Care Center.

SH, CG, SD and Tasha went to a flea mark
et before the Family Fun Day and we found a very old framed magazine with photos of The Beetles and their girlfriends, they also have a photo of John Lennon and his 2 1/2 year old son John Jullian Lennon. The man we purchased it from said that it is dated 1965, but SH and I do not want to remove it from the frame and risk it getting messed up as it has been framed for quite some time.

It i
s obvious from the photos though that it is certainly as old as the date he gave.

After the Flea Market CG, SH and SVTasha went to the Family Fun Day at the Chick Fil A. We brought a huge bin of hats to donate to the Care Center. CG was also so very excited about meeting Debbie and her daughter Brenda. They are both tireless adovcates for those affected by the EvilPowerofCancer!! Debbie is herself a CancerSuperHero having battled and beaten the EvilPower of Cancer!! Her daughter was and continues to be an awesome CancerSuperCaregiver and also works with her mom at the Care Center. They are always in need of items to help CancerSuperHeroes so please check out their site and help them in any way you can!!

Here is a picture of CG and Debbie Turner and SVTasha

CancerGirl and Brenda

SuperDog here!! Hey CG a
s usual is forgetting to mention that I myself was furthering my mission of spreading the SuperPower of Happiness!! It is very hard to meet me and walk away not being happy!!

SD at the booth for the Debbie Turner Caner Resource Center. She spent a while hanging out and spreading happiness to those who came along to say hi!

SuperDog!! If you had given me a minute I would have told them about how you made tons of people happy today! Check out a few photos from the display that Debbie and Brenda worked all day long furthering their cause.

CG and SD at the Cancer Resource Center booth.

SuperDog and CancerGirl also saw some really cool vehicles and even a train!! SFLynne and her husband Burt both are huge train fans so SD had to make sure that CG got a picture of us in front of the train with the conductor!

Don't forget to show them some pictures of the cool tank and old time police car that we saw CancerGirl!! Your always leavin stuff out!!! Here are a few pictures of them too!

SuperDog checks out the inside of the Tank

SuperDog and CancerGirl with the conductor for the train.

CancerGirl and SuperDog with the tank and the old police car.

You can see more photos from today on Facebook in the Alblum titled Chick Fil A Family Fun Day

Also a Huge thanks to SuperHubby for helping out and also taking all the photos.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BanJo and the Chickens

Hello everyone!! I know I haven't written a blog post in a while, and I apologize for that. I have been so busy with school, traveling, and adding the newest addition to the The Lair!! SuperDog and I both have had to do some major adjustments in the past few months and I think we are finally starting to have everything settle down.

BanJo is doing well. He is falling right into place as being the next SuperDog SideKick!! He also has a number of friends in the neighborhood that he has play dates with. Jackie Wood of Tanimara Pyrs truly breeds for excellent temperament.

Here is a pic of CancerGirl and BanJo (SuperDog Too) about 3 days after he arrived here.

BanJo has been going over to a friends house to have play dates with his doggie friends in the neighborhood. CancerGirl and he were at their friends house when she was telling CG about how out of the 30 baby chickens that she had purchased, she had lost 11 of them. She said she suspected that it was her own dog who was killing them during the night. CG friend has children and the kids let the door to the chicken coop open while we were there. About 6 chickens came running out the door. BanJo's dog friend ran over and grabbed one of the chickens which squawked and screamed for dear life. BanJo's friend ran off chomping on the chicken obviously not being nice to Mr Chicken!! BanJo ran after his friend and jumped on her and in the only act of aggression I have ever seen him display there was about 2 seconds of BanJo being firm with his friend, who let go of the chicken. The dog ran after the chicken again and BanJo body blocked the dog from touching the chicken till the chickens mom could run over and grab the chicken and put it back in the coop. CG friend was absolutely amazed and offered her a large amount of money for BanJo, CancerGirl of course explained that it would take 20 times what was offered to get BanJo from her.

CancerGirl is so very proud of BanJo and the fact that he is truly turning into a SuperDog!!!

This video is just a short example of how much he dotes after any kids that are around. While the kids are on the trampoline, he spends all his time walking around it keeping an eye on the kids, and then he lays near it so he can be right there if he is needed. It is amazing to me to see him just walk up to a crying child, have the kid give him a big hug around his neck, then toddle off not crying anymore and happy again because BanJo gave them a hug and made them feel better.

SuperDog is still a little upset about the new addition. Luckily there are a number of motnhs to go till BanJo is trained well enough to go out as CancerGirls SuperDog. Being a SuperHero takes a lot of training and a lot of learning how to fight the EvilPower of Unhappiness is no small task!!!