Sunday, August 16, 2009

CancerGirl Tweets

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!! NO!!! It's CancerGirl!!!!

Thats right folks, you heard right, CancerGirl is tweeting now. My Twitter site is

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Bear with CancerGirl though, because while she does have SuperPowers, she does not have the power of AllKnowledge. I will get better with all this as time goes on.

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So how did I get to become CancerGirl? (why don’t we just use CG from here on out and shorten this thing up??) Well like most superheros my life was pretty normal (ok, those of you who are in CancerGirl’s SecretSociety know that nothing about me is or ever was normal) but, it was normal enough. I grew up in a town, much like any other town out there before Wal Mart and Mc Donald’s invaded the country. The kind of town that had a Main Street called Main Street. It had little shops that had their own little niche, one was a clothing store for women, they didn’t sell any mens clothes at all, nope, that place is famous for being the store that CancerGirl’s mom, SuperMom (SM for short, see the pattern here?) took her to get measured for her first bra. Down the street from there was a music store. Not like they sold music there, nothing good like tapes and such, no, it was a store that sold musical instruments (which by the way is where I got my clarinet when I tried that, more on that another day though). There was also a jeweler, and a shoe shop and a coiffeurs place (was almost 20 before I realized it was a baurty parlor, I never needed any coiffures so I never bothered going in). Get whre I am going with this, a small non descript town, not famous for much of anything.

Ok, On to today......


CancerGirl and SuperDog sometimes have arguments. I think any SuperHero and SideKick have their arguments. CG was doing stuff in thekitchen when I guess SD got impatient about wanting her dinner. Sometimes CancerGirl forgets about dinner for SD, and you would think that being a SuperHero that she would be able to get herself something to eat, but apparently she hasnt mastered that exact skill yet.

So CG tells SD that she will have to wait, that she was making dinner for SuperHusband. Well.... SD got her tail all in a snit, because I was feeding SH first. This is a ongoing thing with them. SD has a lot of resentments toward SH because he is CG Partner and she is just her SideKick. So she started in on the old argument of "Why is he the partner? I am the one who goes to school with you. I go out with you and help you fight gloom and all he does is sit here inthe lair and play poker and video games!!!" CG told her that she met and inducted SH into the SecretSociety long before she came and applied. She said "Well then make me a partner too" and CG had to explain to her that would never happen, because of the no opposable thumbs thing. In order to fulfill the role of partner, one must have opposable thumbs to be able to do things like put on the SuperHero tool belt. CG feels it is innapropriate for a partner to not be able to dress themselves.

SD threatened to quit and find a more suitable SuperHero to be sidekick to, kinda a "I dont need this crap" type of attitude, so CG had to remind her she must be low on GratitudeAttitude because in this job market, one should be grateful to have a job at all. SD thought about this for a while (while CG and SH ate their dinner, chicken and shrimp linguini alfredo, yummy) and returned to CancerGirls suite and SD said she was sorry for not remembering to use her GratitudeAttitude and that sometimes she just feels like I forget that she is just as worried about the evil power of Gloominess taking over the world, and sometimes that can make her a little testy.

In the end, CancerGirl and SuperDog made up and they took a trip in the CancerMobile and everything was fine once again.


CancerGirl and SuperDog are going to the mall with SuperSister tomorrow. CancerGirl hasnt been going out much at all lately and SS pointed out how CG was ignoring her and that she wasnt spending any time with her, so CG is going with SS to the Mall. She has to drop off SH to deal Poker, SH does his job of fighting the Evil Gloominess by making the people on his poker tables laugh.

So CG is dropping SH off, picking up SS, going to the mall for a little while, not long though because CancerGirl is waiting to get her new mode of transportation in the form of a BiWheelTurboBoostedSuperHeroMovingDevice (what mortals would call a Wheelchair). so she cant walk very far or long, not to mention that having just gotten over Chemo she is still quite wiped out physically and her muscles ache quite a bit, of course for a SuperHero like CG, pain isnt gonna stop her from brightening SS day with her power of Laughter.

Link of the Day

Jeff Dunham is a comedian who is accompanied by numerous SideKicks of his own. He truly is a comedy treaure that is certain to help charge up your HumorMeter. I watched one of his DVD's today and laughed so much I cried. It takes something to be very very funny to make CancerGirl laugh so hard she cries.

One of Jeff Dunhams most famous SideKicks is Walter, a cantankerous older gentleman who never has a nice word for anyone and spends most of his time complaining about the state of the world today. He is such a curmudgen that you cant help but love him.

He also has Peanut, a odd looking fellow who is kinda manic and thinks everything in the world is just great, life is wonderful and he loves everyone. Peanut is CancerGirls favorite SideKick of Jeff's.

You can purchase CancerGirls favorite Jeff Dunham DVD at for less then 10 Dollars.

Jeff Dunham - Arguing With Myself

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BeepBeepBeep BeepbeepBeep BeepBeepBeep

Uh Oh, thats CancerGirls OfficialAnnouncementAlarm. That signals that CancerGirl has a new aspect of CancerGirls Blog, or other important announcement.

Hold on a minute while CancerGirl goes to the OfficialAnnouncementFunnyFax Machine to see what the alarm was all about.

Ok, CancerGirl is back, the OfficialAnnouncement is amazing. You can now purchase Official CancerGirl products at


The OfficialAnnouncement says that new products are being added every day. There are a few different CancerGirl logos to choose from, and new designs arebeing created as we speak.

Remember that every purchase you make through my Blog helps CancerGirl fulfill her mission of bringing the strongest SuperPower out there, the power of Laughter, to the world

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