Thursday, August 20, 2009

School Starts Tomorrow for CancerGirl and SuperDog

actually it starts today, but since I spent 2 hours writing a blog to have it get erased when I went to post it, it is now 4am, so I am gonna start over


When CancerGirl was in school as a child she hated Gym class. It wasn't the teachers, she liked them well enough, but the problem came in that she was a clutz. Now before you start saying "I am sure she wasn't any more clutzy then any other teenager out there" stop, she was and still is a big clutz. She would run upstairs her feet would go faster then her brain, and she would do a faceplant into the stairs.

Today CancerGirl is happy that she doesn't have to take a gym class, she does have to take some sort of "physical education" but that can also be a class on nutrition.


SuperDog went to the spa tonight. She was not happy about this, but she went grudgingly (and a 90 pound SideKick doing anything grudgingly can be a pain). She requested a private bathing suite since there were other dogs there and she didnt want them to see her go through the indignity of getting bathed. Of course, CancerGirl can't afford to use a groomer that has such a facility, so she got her bath in front of the other dogs that were there. Everyone there loved her and her groomer gave her cookies. The groomer did find one spot that I had thought was a bit of dirt, turned out to be what looked like a spider bite. She will be fine, but she does have a spot right on top of her head that is missing some hair, pretty ironic since I went through chemo and didnt loose one bit of hair (thank god).


Well, tomorrow is the first day of school. CancerGirl always gets panicky about the first day of classes. I think it is because she reads the syllabus and then decides the teacher is very strict and that she isnt going to like them, then the first day of school she finds out that they are in fact very nice. It is more the anxiety of not knowing what they are going to be like then anything. This will be CancerGirls first semester on campus as a SuperHero, and hopefully everyone wont be too taken back by seeing one. SuperDog is excited, when she saw CG pick up her backpack, SD came runing over and tried to get it put on. She was upset to find that CancerGirl was just putting it in the washer so that it will be nice and clean for tomorrow.

Link of the Day

As you know, CancerGirl has been using Twitter for the past few days to update everyone. She has also been following some people as well.

Today's Link of The Day is

CancerGirl first saw Bill Engvall when he opened for Reba McEntire at the Garden State Arts Center in New Jersey (if you culdnt tell by the Garden State thing) and at first she was dissapointed that there was a opener, as she had gone with SPP (Super PopPop, CG grandfather) to see ReBa and CG considered having a comedian as a opener was boring (CG was 15 at the time). All that dissapointment was gone 10 minutes into Bill Engvall's set.

Bill Engall specializes in those special moments when the Evil Power of FootInMouth sets in. Those times when you know that what you are about to ask is a stupid question, but you can't help but ask it.

Like when you see your neighbor bringing boxes out of his house and putting them into a big truck. You walk over and ask him if he is moving. You know what the answer is, why else would someone completely empty their house? YOu feel foolish for asking, but you just had to anyway.

One of CancerGirls most favorite bits that BIll Engvall does is when he talks about the DorkFIsh. A very ugly fish who also isnt very smart, as he eats corndogs without even bothering to ask himself how a corndog would have goten to the bottom of the ocean .

You can watch Bill Engvall's DorkFish bit on here:

You can also purchase Bill Engvall's StandUp DVD's and CD's at by clicking on the link below.

The Bill Engvall Show: The Complete First Season

Remember that every purchase you make through my Blog helps CancerGirl fulfill her mission of bringing the strongest SuperPower out there, the power of Laughter, to the world.

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