Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CancerGirl Gets Ready For School

Hello everyone,

CG and SD are starting school Thursday. She is very excited and nervous at the same time. She still hasn't gotten her books or her supplies as of yet. Tomorrow is the day of major running around.


Whenever the beginning of a school semester begins, CG starts thinking about her previous experiences with school. When CG was in Middle School and High School she was always being told she wasnt living up to her potential. This always really annoyed CG because first of all, if it was my potential, then why do they care if I am living up to it or not, and how do they know what my potential was anyway?? It isnt like they stamp on our heads when we are born "has the potential to ...." . I also always wondered how many of these people who were telling me this were living up to their own potential, many of which I think were not in fact doing so. I think that before they started talking to tohers about thier potential, that perhaps they would have been better served trying to live up to their own potential.


Today CG and SH and SD had a nice relaxing day at home. CG was very physically worn down today. I think possibly she isnt charging her HumorMeter enough lately. It felt like someone had put a lead weight in CG's SuperHero uniform.

CG and Sh watched Hells Kitchen tonight, one of CancerGirls favorite shows. She enkoys watching Chef Gordon Ramsay yell at the people who come into his kitchen on the show. I always find it quite ironic that these people are being given the opprotunity of a lifetime (if you are into the whole cooking thing, CG hates to cook, so it would be torture to her) and to see these people have such attitudes with CHef Ramsay and act like he has no clue.

Tonight SD did something very uncharacteristic of her. CG was sitting on the couch (the lair is outfitted with a dual recliner loveseat) and SD climbed into the other recliner and curled up. CG reminded her that she is not allowed on the furniture and that opened a whole can of worms with SD. She started muttering "of course, you people sit on the furniture all day long, the SuperCats hang out on the furniture all day long, I jump up for 2 minutes ot lay next to you and all of a sudden its a problem". I agreed with SD that it wasnt fair, and I let her stay on the chair, telling her to never let SH see her up there.


CG and SD have a big day tomorrow full of running around and doing errands. SD needs a new collar for school, she has requested something in a diamond stud, but we have decided to go with something in purple instead.

SD is also going to the Spa tomorrow. She was very excited about this, started talking about the messages and mud packs and about how she was finnaly getting the recognition she deserves. CG informed her that her spa day would in fact consist of a full body rubdown, but that it would be accompanied by a bath. SD started talking about how she felt it was unfair as she would never take me to the spa and tell them to scrub me down and blow me dry. I told her that if she kept herself clean then she would not hav to go to spa.

Link of the Day

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Gordon Ramsay Biography

Chef Gordon Ramsay was born in Scotland where he played football until a injoury ended his hopes of a sports career. He then enrolled in culinary shool and began to apprentice with numerous world class chefs.

He went outon his own and began opening restraunts and now has 5 star restraunts all over the world.

You can purchase his book on Amazon.com using the following link.

Roasting in Hell's Kitchen: Temper Tantrums, F Words, and the Pursuit of Perfection,

Check out his books and be sure to watch the next episode of Hell's Kitchen

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