Monday, August 17, 2009

CancerGirl gets Sidetracked

It's A Bird! It's A Plane!! NO!!! It's CancerGirl!!!!

Hello everyone, CancerGirl and SuperHubby set out for Aquatica this morning, and on the way there the tire blew, so we didn't go to Aquatica today, we are looking at friday now as more likely then anything. I hope I am up for it friday, as I start school thursday.


Yesterday CG had the all important mission of ending the evils of EvilBoredom and EvilGloominess that was attacking SuperSister, so CG and SuperDog went to work. We picked SS up in the CancerMobile and drove around and had a nice talk. SD got to have french fries so she was happy, as she finnaly felt that she was being given the recognition that she deserved. Little did she know she only got them because SS doesnt like the crispy ones, and CG is against wasting.

SS has a cast on her arm, and in order to remind her that CG and SD helped her to fight the EvilBoredom and EvilGloominess CG signed SS cast. There is a picture below of SS cast. It was CG way of saying "CG and SD was here" yes it is a little less obvious then coming through the side of a building or leaping a tall building in a single bound, but I am not yet to that level of SuperHero.

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Well, today didnt go exactly as CG and SH had planned. They took off from the lair in the CancerMobile and got about 20 minutes away from the lair and ran over a nail on the road and the tire went flat. CancerGirl told SH not to panic, (which is the first thing they teach us in SuperHeroSchool) and that since she was a SuperHero she had SuperPowers and would easily be able to fix everything. She went to her State of the Art, High Tech, F.I.N.D. Sytem (stands for Find It Now Dummy) which she had the CancerMobile outfitted with when the Evil power of ForeverLost struck her and SD on a mission, and she was unable to complete her mission. She immediately went to the SuperHeroMart and purchased the F.I.N.D. system and had it installed.

CG punched in "Auto Repair, and hit "Find It" and next thing we knew the CancerMobile was navigating to the repair shop.

After the tire was fixed we realized that by the time we got to Aquatica and parked and got inside that more then half the day would be over, so we rescheduled for Firday.


CG and SD begin school Thursday. This is a very exciting time for CG every semester, as she gets to go to her second favorite store and get supplies. CG loves school supplies, pens, pads, binders, all the things that go with being in school. Between that and getting to meet a whole new group of students, and new professors, such a wonderful time. Many people have pointed out that going to college and doing chemo (which I begin the next round of on or around Sept 1) is a very large and possibly not good undertaking. They have suggested I "take time off" but CG is a SuperHero, who is capable of doing anything, not to mention the fact that Cancer isnt going to take a day off from trying to iradicate my SuperPowers, so I can't "take time off" from fighting.

My only concern, is that the BiWheelTurboBoostedSuperHeroMovingDevice is not going to be ready yet, it is being built by a group of designers of SuperHero vehicles, so till that comes it will be a little harder to get around campus, but I have survived before, (even before becoming a SH) so I will once again.

Link of the Day

Today is Monday, and I have decided to add something called MovieMondays to the blog. Every Monday, in order to help fight the EvilGloomies CG will watch and review a funny movie. I will choose funny movies that many may not have had a chance to see because they either went straight to DVD or they didnt get as much press when they came out.

The first "MovieMonday's" movie is

Death to Smoochy

Death to Smoochy is a movie starring Robin Williams (CancerGirls most favorite in the world comedian).

Robin Willians plays Rainbow Randolph, a children's tv celebrity, he is charged with fraud by the FBI when it is found out that he is accepting bribes from childrens parents to be on his show. He is fired and the network decides to find the most squeaky clean and without blemish character that noone would ever be able to find fault with.

Enter Smoochy

Smoochy is a big purple Rhino played by Sheldon Mopes, he is found singing songs to the patients at a local free clinic, where he sings such songs as "get you off that smack", a song about.... duh... getting off smack. Check out a video of Smoochy singing the smack song below


When Rainbow Randolph was fired he became homeless and he blames Smoochy for the reason why he is now broke and homeless he decides that Smoochy must die. He begins a campaign of underhanded things trying to get smoochy to get off the air.

I highly suggest you purchase this movie if you have not seen it, as it is truly a very funny movie. Everyone loves Robin Williams, and this is one of his much less known films. You can get the movie from amazon for less then ten dollars by clicking the link below.

Death to Smoochy (Widescreen Edition)

Tune in tomorrow to see where the Adventures of CancerGirl and SuperDog will ead us next.

Remember that every purchase you make through my Blog helps CancerGirl fulfill her mission of bringing the strongest SuperPower out there, the power of Laughter, to the world.

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