Saturday, August 22, 2009

CancerGirl does Math

Hello Everyone,

Sorry CancerGirl hasn't written for a few days. CancerGirl got a phone call from her Oncologist saying that he wants her to restart the chemo a week earlier then he had told her originally. CancerGirl explained that she just started school, the doctor apologized, but said that he would rather be safe then sorry. CancerGirl is not happy about this, but she will do what she needs to do of course. Now on to bigger and better things


Shortly after graduating high school I met SuperHusband (SH from here on in) of course he wasn’t super husband when I met him. SH grew to become SH through a series of very frustrating and sometimes downright infuriating tests that CancerGirl’s real life persona sent him through. Sometimes SH dropped out of the training program, and CG and SH parted ways for short periods of time, but eventually SH saw the inevitability of joining her force so he agreed to submit to the ceremony making them SuperSpouses.


Today CancerGirl and SuperHubby and SUperDog went out for dinner. CancerGirl needed it after doing math all day long. CG hates math , SH tries to get her to like it, but no matter how much she tries, math is her kryptonite. So, after spending all day doing math, CG needed a dinner out.

CG and SD share the lair with 3 SuperKitties. Two of them have run of the house, and the other is the BedroomKitty. She choose to be the bedroom Kitty because all the other cats were not being nice to her. Well, the past week or so BK has been hanging out in the rest of the house. The other kitties are being nice to her, but she is still very suspicious of them.


Tomorrow CancerGirl starts her next round of chemo. She is spending today watching That 70's Show on DVD in order to charge up the HumorMeter in preperation for the next 6 weeks. CancerGirl has come to the conclusion that she will have to tell her professors about starting chemo. This will take the SuperPower of Honesty to achieve. CancerGirl has a tendency to minimize what is going on with her, she is more likely to say "I am fine, I can handle this" which for a SuperHero is important, to be able to handle things and make decisions and such, but it is also equally important to call into action the other SuperHeros of the world in order to help also. No SUperHero acts alone, they all have other SUperHeros they can call when the Evil is too powerful.

Today's Link of the Day

As I mentioned before, I am watching That 70's Show from the first season through the last. Soooo, today's link of the day is

Being a child of the 70's (1976 in fact) I don't remember much of the 70s, but I love the music, love the ideas (peace and all that cool jazz) and absolutely love the fashion of the time.

That 70's Show brings all that wonder of being a teen int he 70's into today. From the cast of teenagers, (Donna, Eric, Kelso, Hyde, Fez, Jackie, Laurie and later Randy) to the adults who at times are more immature and wild then the teens.

The show follows them through their high school years as they navigate their way through growing up. Between Red (Eric's father) threatening to constantly put his foot up someones ass, and Kitty (Eric's mother) who spends a good portion of her days and nights drinking, which no one seems to really pay much attention to because she is such a happy soul.

CancerGirls favorite episode has to be the episode that the crew decides to get Hyde a birthday gift that he would never forget. Eric, Kelso and Donna decide to go get him a street sign from "High St". When they get to the sign, the suggestion is made to climb on top of Kelso's van, to which he protests to because it might "buckle the top of the van", so they tie a rope to the bumper, and pull the bumper off the van.

When that does not succeed in pulling the sign post down, they send Kelso to Eric's garage to get a saw. When he meets Red in the garage, and red asks why he needs a saw, Kelso tells red that Eric "Threw a rabbit into a tree", which must be the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard, but nonetheless, they are able to get the saw. There was also a failed attempt to "blow up" the pole using firecrackers, which didn't ignite till after they were placed back into Kelso's jacket pocket, which they blew a hole straight through.

Hyde was so excited to get his sign, that the only appropriate thing to do was gather in "the sacred circle" and rejoice.

You can get the entire series on DVD using the following link.

Remember that every purchase you make through my Blog helps CancerGirl fulfill her mission of bringing the strongest SuperPower out there, the power of Laughter, to the world.

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