Thursday, August 20, 2009

CancerGirl and SuperDog go to School

If you are following me on Twitter then you know this already, if you aren't then SHAME ON YOU :) but CG and SD went to the first day of school today.


CG had a professor when she was in HS (guess inHS they called them teachers huh) well anyway, I had a math teacher named MS. I was not very good at math, so he started letting me read Newsweek magazine during math class as long as she would stay in her seat and be quiet. (CG was a little hyper as a kid, well she still is, but back then to sit through a math class was like torture to her. SuperDog says that if she had her along then she would have probably been calmer, but who knows.

MS was the teacher in charge of the Bowling Club. The bowling club was what he called a "team" but usually a "team" plays against other "teams". We never played any other team, in fact it was more that we just left school early every Friday afternoon (about a hour or more early in fact) and went to the bowling alley and bowled for a few hours. It was fun (CG cant bowl anymore, but she was "pretty good for a lefty" as everyone used to say) and I enjoyed getting to leave school.


CG and SD went to school today. SD LOVES school, when the CancerMobile pulls onto campus she gets all excited and can't help but make noises. CG tell her to calm the heck down, that this is no way for a SideKick to act, how does she think Batman would feel if Robin all of a sudden started whining and spinning circles in the back of the BatMobile??? She doesn't seem to care much, as it doesn't slow her down any.

Had College Algebra first class. We walked in and SD said "What the heck did they do to this place? Doesn't smell anything like what it did last time we were around this place" CG didn't acknowledge her, because if she did then it would just give SD a reason to spend the day complaining.

CG doesn't have her BiWheelTurboBoostedSuperHeroMovingDevice as of yet, but when she does get it SuperDog will be asked to hit the handicapped button in order to open doors and such. Since she needs to have this SuperPower CG has been training her the last few semesters knowing that eventually it would be truly necessary. You can see a pic of SD hitting the handicapped button at school below.

SD Loves to hit the handicapped buttons on campus, mostly because her admirers usually stand around and "ohhhh and ahhhh" over her great ability. Meanwhile CG is so tired of SD going around showing off, she tells her "settle down missy, there is plenty of time to be showing off, wait till there is a true emergency, like someone letting the Evil Power of Doubt slip in" SD asks "Ok, you got me, What the Heck is the Power of Doubt??" CG explains., "when one is trying to achieve SuperHeroDom they have to fight off many Evil Powers, Doubt, is that tiny little voice in your head that says "maybe this isn't such a good idea, what makes you think you can do all that?" and the only way to really combat it is to just go ahead and do it. SuperHeros are many times doubted, not only in their deeds (do you really think doing Chemo and going to school is a good idea?) but in their intentions (do you think that people will think less of you if you don't stay in school?) and the answer to the first question is YES, a BIG yes. I laughed more today then I have in weeks. Seeing SD wait till she saw someone other then CG watching her when she was told to open the door so that the other person could see it too and maybe comment, to my "DUH" moment today when CG sent SD under the table in her first class, then feeling like a idiot when the student behind me said "She can't get under there, the table has a piece in the middle she cant fit under". Meanwhile SD is saying "Ummmmmm Hey there Genius CG, I cant get under there, why would you do that?" CG explained that she didn't mean to, but she didn't notice they changed the tables in the rooms. SD said "Told you this lace smelled different" Ugggh, a SuperHero can never make their SideKick happy as long as they are their SideKick


This weekend will probably be spent doing Math. CG favorite thing in the world to do. She has to figure out how to measure the distance between 2 points on a graph. SD isn't much help as the best she can come up with as far as that goes is to ask CG if she thinks that going and pointing at the cookie jar would motivate SH to come give her one. SH doubts he would do something like that, but you never know.

CancerGirl is a week and a half away from starting the Evil Chemo again. She is trying not to think about it too much. It will probably be a weekend of watching all the seasons of Reno 911 as CG just found out yesterday that it has been cancelled. In honor of a great show, she is going to spend the weekend charging her HumorMeter by watching all the seasons on DVD starting from the beginning. Will most likely take her all weekend, but what the hey, weekend TV sucks anyway:)

Link of the Day

Today's Link of the Day is: Reno 911 Official Website

Reno 911 is one of the funniest shows on TV. Sadly, the network has decided to cancel the show as of yesterday according to Thomas Lennon, who plays Lt Dangle, a fitting name for a Sheriff who wears shorts so short that the idea of him ever "dangling" is slim to none. If Lt Dangle isn't wearing his short short shorts, he is wearing his underwear, which is actually worse then the short shorts. Lt Dangle tries his best to run the most efficint police station that he can, but with employees like his, it is at times impossible.

One of the most interesting aspects of Lt Dangle is the ambiguity about his sexuality. He at times acts as if he is heterosexual, but then we see him in scenes like when he moved out of his trailer to the trailer 3 trailers down from where he lived. He asked his co-workers to help him move, and only one of them showed up, he came out holding a cocktail wearing the shortest shorts I have ever seen a man wear, and a shirt that "because he was hot" he tied in the front of him. Made one wonder just exactly what he is "looking for" in a mate.

You can see a YouTube video of the show below.

You can purchase the entire Seasons of Reno 911 along with the Movie Reno 911: Miami on Amazon by clicking the link below.

Remember that every purchase you make through my Blog helps CancerGirl fulfill her mission of bringing the strongest SuperPower out there, the power of Laughter, to the world.

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