Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's a Bird! It's a Plane!! NO!!! It's CancerGirl!!!!

Ok, so yesterday you all learned about who CancerGirl is. I am figuring that you all want to know how CancerGirl got to be CancerGirl, and how SuperDog came to be CancerGirls SideKick.

On that sweet note, I have decided upon a format for my Blog. I have decided that every Blog will have 3 sections to it. A big part of fighting the evil of cancer, is having something to look forward to in the future, something like a "Just let me make it till Christmas" type of an idea. Sooooooo....

I am going to have 3 components to my blog. Yesterday. Today and Tomorrow


It is important to look back on your life and find the humor in it. CG and SH spend a lot of time reminding each other of the funny things that have happened in their lives together. To be able to enjoy the same moment over and over again is truly having a SuperPower. You have the pwer to recall that memory any time you start to feel the rays of the EvilGloom (EG for short) and by using that memory you are able to ward off gloominess.

It is also important to look back on your life and see how you have changed, where you were and how far you've come. Noone ever stays stuck forever. Hopefully you grow, and as you do you gain the SuperPower of Wisdom.

Yesterday will be the section where I give you all a little history of CancerGirl, how she and SuperHusband came to be partners, and how SuperDog came to be CancerGirls SideKick.

This way every day you will learn more and more about CancerGirl, without having to read pages and pages of information. Short and sweet, that is what I am looing to acheive here folks.


Today is a very important aspect of CancerGirls life. Today is when she does her daily battles in life. Today is the place where all the SuperHeroes of the world get together and meet and help each other fight whatever it is that they are fighting. Today is when you get to charge up another of your superpowers, GratitudeAttitude. GratatudeAttitude is the power to be grateful for whatever you have been blessed with, yet not getting an attude like you are better then anyone.

Today will be the section where I will talk about what is going on in the adventures of CancerGirl and SuperDog. This is where you will get all your "What happened to CancerGirl at school today??" and "How did CancerGirl get her HumorMeter recharged today?" gossip and information.


Tomorrow is I think one of the best times in the world. It is the best because it is soo full of promise and excitement. It is such a mystery that millions are spent every year on calling people who claim to have power over tomorrow. People who swear that they are able to tell you what the future has in store for you. CancerGirl is not religious, but she does beleive in the SuperPower of Karma. Karma is one of the greatest superpowers because you have some ability to control that SupserPower. If you are good to others, then you can strnthen your Karma. Kinda Like Earl of My Name Is Earl.
Tomorrow will be where I will talk about something that I am looking forward to, even if it is something small. It is what is on the horizon for CancerGirl.


Todays link ties into Todays Blog. I mentioned Karma earleir in this post, so on that note, today's link is

My Name Is Earl TV Fan Site

Earl Hickey is a man who did many many bad things to many many people. He stole, cheated, lied, and swore in front of babies. He lives with his brother Randy, who is a little shall we say "off" but is truly just a big ole teddy bear.

Earl wins the jackpot on a scratch off lottery ticket, but in his excitement, while running across the street, he gets hit by a car and his lottery ticket comes out of his hands and is blown down the street.

Earl has a Epiphany while he is in the hospital when he sees someone on TV talking about Karma, and how "if you do good things good things will happen to you, if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you". He comes to the conclusion that Karma must have been to blame for the mishaps that have left him broke, mentally, physically and financially. He decides that the only way to get the money Karma took from him back is to go back and make up for every bad thing he ever did. He compiles a list so he can keep track.

The show follows Earl as he goes around trying to help others in order to get his money back.

It is a very funny show, and has provided CancerGirl with many many hours of recharging her HumorMeter

Here is a link where you can purchase the seasons of My Name Is Earl

My Name is Earl - Season One

Remember that every purchase you make through my Blog helps CancerGirl fulfill her mission of bringing the strongest SuperPower out there, the power of Laughter, to people hospitalized receiving medical treatment.

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