Friday, January 20, 2012

CG and SH New Life!!!!

SuperHubby in his work uniform.
Monday starts a whole new life for SuperHubby  and CancerGirl !!! For the last 20 years, SH has worked a very early morning shift and has gotten off work at 9am.  He went to sleep very early every night, usually in bed by about 6PM.  Most nights CG and Sh didn't sleep in the bed together, he took a short nap during the day, and then he went to bed early. 

Monday, SH begins a new shift and job at work.  He has recently (the past 8 months) been working both his morning shift and the afternoon shift most weeks.  This has caused major tiredness on his part, (Exhaustion is more like it)   (Yes SuperDog, he has been exhausted, and I have been worried, but he promised that he would fix it, and he did.  I know you have missed him, I have missed him too.)   Anyways.....starting Monday, SH will be only working the afternoon shift. 

I am very proud of SH.  He has worked very hard for many years.  He has had knee surgery from stepping in and out of trucks all night long, he has back pain from bending over a belt scanning packages all night.  This job will allow him to have a much less stressful life and a much steadier sleep schedule.  

SuperDog BanJo wearing his harness at the event for the  Debbie Turner Cancer Care Center!!
Another part of the beginning of our new life is that CancerGirl will be bringing SuperDog BanJo to school!! On Tuesday SuperDog BanJo has his first day of school!! CancerGirl has been holding off on taking SUperDog BanJo to school with her.  A large part of that is that SuperDog does such an awesome job and already knows exactly what to do and when to do it, I know that SDBJ (SuperDog BanJo) will be awesome and he will learn very quickly what is expected of him. 

I know he will love school and now that CancerGirl is walking from school to SH work after school, she needs SuperDog BanJo to start going with her because SD is too short for the harness that CG has and she cant really use it effectively.  SDBJ is a much bigger dog and the harness fits him and I perfectly!! I will need him for balance and to help if I get tired or if my back starts to bother me when I am walking.  I cant wait to take him now!!

I can't wait to see how the new schedule and working with BanJo at school works out!! I can't wait to spend more time with SuperHubby!!! I can't wait for the lair to be paid off in less then 5 months from now!!!

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  1. Glad SH is taking care of those beat up knees. What will he be doing now? Thought I read on FB that it was the same job, but different shift, but you said new job will be easier on his body? Thanks for sharing your update.