Saturday, January 28, 2012

Banjo Goes Medieval!!

Hey there everyone!!! Guess who it is??? It's SuperDog BanJo!!!  Since CancerGirl types in Purple, and SuperDog types in red, I am going to type in BLUE!!! I told him he should type in pink and he tattled and told CancerGirl and she said to leave him be.  He is such a tattletale!!  Ok, back to my story!!! Today CancerGirl and SuperHubby (I call him dad, something that SuperDog always tells me is unprofessional, whatever!!)  And that is why I still have to go to work every other day at school, because you still have a lot of growing up to do mister buster!! I am looking forward to my retirement of only going out for lunches with CancerGirl and my Aunt Lynne, so you need to be more professional in the field, and stop telling little kids that your a superhero, and that you have special powers,  that is supposed to be a secret!!! You see the kind of nagging (she calls "training") that I put up with.  This is supposed to be my Blog post, CG promised!!  Well anyway, today Clarice, and Laurence (SuperHubby's undercover regular name) and I went to the Hoggetown Medieval Faire    We had such a great time!! I am going to share some of the pictures and tell you guys all about it!! I had to work today, because CancerGirl had to do a lot of walking, so I wore my harness, but I still got to have a lot of fun!!  CancerGirl had the camera for most of the time, and she spent most of her time taking pictures of the shows and such and then realised she hadn't taken any of SuperHubby, she apologized about it, she feels bad, I can tell. 

This is a Picture of me and CancerGirl standing in front of the wall.  See those guys up there, they yelled down to us "That's a beautiful Horse you have there!" and I was shocked, because I know I'm a dog, and I wondered to myself "hmm, CG and SH have real world aliases, SuperDog didn't say anything about us changing, but maybe I am a horse when I am not being a SuperDog!! That is soo cool!!" SO now I have it all figured out!! 

They had the STRANGEST of people and things there!! This lady said to CG when she took her picture "Don't let the Queen see you taking my picture, she is already jealous of me as it is".  She said that she was the most beautiful woman there of course.  I thought she looked a little different. 

CancerGirl thought this guy was from a horror movie, he said he wasn't scary, he was just an ogre and he was looking for some goblins.   CG said that we would let him know he was looking for them if we saw them. 

Then we ran into of all things a pair of PIRATES!!!  I had never seen a pirate before!! They talked in some strange pirate language too!! A lot of people kept calling me a horse too, I think they were confused!!

I have NO IDEA what the heck these things were!!! They were REALLY big though!! 

This is something that CancerGirl said was "chess", but I have seen people play chess and they never needed this many people and  no one whipped out a sword!! I think everyone should play chess like this from now on!!

We saw these HUGE horses, I mean they were GIANT!!  And they had these big metal things all over them.  I am so glad that I only have to wear the harness and not a bunch of metal like that, it must be pretty heavy!! 

I got to say hello to a LOT of people, and I got to get hugged by a lot of kids!!  I love little kids!! Hey!! Are you whispering in that kids ear?? You better not be telling them you're a SuperDog!!

I saw a goat!!! I remembered right away what a goat was! There were goats where i lived before I joined the Hats For Happiness crew!!  
As we were leaving, we ran into this HORSE!! I saw why those guys and the others had called me a horse, I am as big as he is!! I wonder what that is all about??

Tomorrow CG and I are going to Oveido to go to the Martha's Angels Fundraising Event to spread some happiness and tell everyone about Hats For Happiness!! CancerGirl has made a blanket or two to be raffled off and  best of all you get to see meeee!!!

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