Thursday, January 5, 2012

SuperDog's First Day of the Last Semester

CancerGirl and SuperDog went to school today!! Today is the first day of SuperDog's last semester.  Our first class was Statistics which is in the Math building.  (you can see me in the picture in front of the Math building here)   Yes SuperDog, you were beautiful in your Backpack!! Lucky I got to wear it, I told you yesterday "I need my backpack washed" and you didn't put it in till night time when the pipes froze.  Luckily they defrosted early enough to have it finish washing and get dried.  I would never ask you to go to school NAKED!!  

You certainly are complaining a lot in your older age SuperDog!! Anyways, back to the story!!  This is the second time CancerGirl is taking statistics.  She took it as an online class during the summer (a shorter semester) and she did fine right up until the last few chapters and she ended up getting a D in the class.  This was very upsetting to CancerGirl as she had never gotten anything but A's and B's in every other class she has ever taken!!  The professor asked "Who here is taking this class for a second time because they have failed it once?" and about 2/3 of the class raised their hands.  CancerGirl felt much better about having failed the class before after this. 

Her professor had everyone introduce themselves and tell a little about themselves.  I happened to sit next to an older gentleman when I came in.  He was before me in the introductions, and during his introduction he mentioned that he was a 8 year Cancer Survivor.

I immediately thought about how odd it was that of the over a dozen seats that were empty, I happened to choose the one that was right next to the other Cancer Survivor in the room.   After class we talked for a while about both of our journeys.  When I introduced myself I mentioned and he asked about my going to school during treatment.  He said so many flattering things, about how strong I am for having done that, and how to have done school, and chemo and radiation, and then still want to help others and create a non profit organization, that he thought I was amazing.

  I don't often think of myself like this. Mainly because I think that everyone is amazing in their own right, and there really isn't much about me that makes me any more amazing then anyone else!! I don't feel the same way. I am sorry, but there is no other dog as amazing as I am!!!  Yes, yes SuperDog you are amazing!!

After that talk it was off to Environmental Science for us!! Yaaay Time for another picture of me!!!! I am in my second class here.  CancerGirl will try and tell you that she is the one who "goes to school" but we all know I go and she just brings me.   Yes, and I suppose you write all the papers and do all the homework too huh SuperDog?? Well anyway, here is the picture of SuperDog in OUR Enviromental Science class

My ES professor is very "lecture based" and very old school professor.  He said the classes are lecture, he will lecture, we will take notes.  This will be a hard class for CancerGirl to follow, since she reads lips even when she has her hearing aids in, so writing (or typing) while trying to look at the professors while they talk is hard for me!!  I will get through I am sure, I will just have to make sure to read the chapters carefully in case I don't catch what he says in class.  

After our ES class, CancerGirl and SuperDog had to wait a while for SuperHubby to come pick them up.  While they waited, CancerGirl told SuperDog to go lay in the grass while she sat at a table (about 50 feet away) and read her textbook and studied.  SuperDog laid down and relaxed after a hard first day back to school!! I am going to end the blog with the pictures of SuperDog relaxing.  Classes let out while she was laying there and she stayed there while about 100 students walked between her and I.  I picked up the camera to take some pictures. 

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  1. My Mom has a suggestion: Have your Mom go talk to the office for Students with Disabilities. They may be willing to help your Mom find somebody in the ES class who is willing to take their notes on Carbon Paper. Then they just give the copy to your Mom. That frees your Mom up to listen more closely and not have to spend so much time writing.