Wednesday, January 4, 2012

CancerGirl is STILL Nervous???

CancerGirl and SuperDog start another semester of school tomorrow!! We are both so very excited (I am much more excited then she is, even though I got a bath today!!)  SuperDog got a bath today I just told them that!! Oops, sorry SuperDog!! Well anyway, as I was saying before I was RUDELY interrupted, CancerGirl starts school tomorrow.  This is the last semester then she moves on to her next degree!! I have gone to school amny semesters now. I have been bald for some of them.  I have been very sick for some of them.  but for EVERY single one of them I get soo anxious and nervous just like it was the first class I ever sat in.

I have thought about why I am so nervous, and I have come to the conclusion that having a Service Dog has a lot to do with it.  Hey now!! My behavior is impeccable, if there is anyones behavior you should worry about it is that BOY dog you got to take over for me, he is not nearly as serious about this school thing as I am!!  I know SuperDog.. it's just that I worry about one of my professors not liking dogs, and what if they try and give me ahard time about you.  I know that you belong, but I also know that sometimes even students have cultural issues with dogs being in buildings.  I worry that I will end up not talking to anyone.  Has that ever happened with me with you? People love me!!  I know it usually doesn't happen, but there is always the what if.

I know that tomorrow will be another AWESOME day!!! It is always an awesome day here in paradise even if it did get VERY cold last night and is once again getting VERY COLD tonight.  CancerGirl is all bundled up though so no worries about her freezing!!

Till the next blog post, please everyone have a wonderful time and ENJOY LIFE!!! Most of all remember Cancer isn't Contagious, but Happiness IS!!!!!

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  1. My Mom gets nervous every time she has to go somewhere new too. She thinks that people may not want me around. I prove her wrong more often than not. There have been a few places where I have been asked to not come back and by extension Mom doesn't go back either. But we just find somewhere else to go.