Thursday, August 13, 2009

CancerGirl Here

IT”S A BIRD!!! IT’S A PLANE!!! NO!! IT’S CANCERGIRL!!! That’s right folks, The One, The Only, CancerGirl…..

Since this is the first Blog entry, I might as well introduce myself and a few details about my life. (Not too many though, as a superhero never tells too much).

My name of course is CancerGirl. What’s that? You thought I was gonna give you my real name??? Now what kind of superhero would I be if I went around just telling everyone my true identity? Are you aware of the problems that would cause? Imagine when I burst through the side of your building to use my power of laughter to brighten your day and you are like “Well thanks CancerGirl, now that I am laughing, how do you expect to pay for my wall???” Seeee As CancerGirl I just Zoom right out of there and I’m gone…. Not to be seen again till someone else is in need of comic relief.

How I became CancerGirl is story for another day. This post is just to let you all know who I am and a little about my life.

I will throughout this Blog probably end up going from the first to 3rd person context of speaking, sometimes speaking of CG as myself and sometimes narrating CG adventures. This is just one of my quirks along with throwing in a capital letter places it doesn’t belong so bear with me.

So who is CancerGirl? CG is a 32 year old hearing impaired superhero who has scoliosis which has led to degenerative disk disease. In July CancerGirl’s real life persona CK was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer when a tumor was found, of all the places for a uterine tumor to show up, IN HER UTERUS. A grapefruit sized tumor smack dab in the middle of her uterus.

I am not really all that into the exact medical facts and such of having Cancer. I am more of an “ehhh life happens” kind of person when it comes to big things. So I am not one to go researching asking the dr for exact names of drugs and treatments and all that. I trust that the Dr knows what he is doing, and he is perfectly fine with me trying to live my life and not obsess over numbers and lab results and such. I see him when I need to, and I do what I need to do to take care of it, but otherwise I am living my life.

Since CG isn’t overly concerned with medical facts and long boring medical information stuff, this Blog is NOT going to be full of medical information and drug names and long boring explanations of medical stuff. If you are looking for that kind of Cancer Blog, then this is not the place for you. On the other hand, if you want to follow a real life SuperHero through her day to day life of dealing with cancer, going to college and laughing as much as she possibly can then definitely become one of my spotters (Person who follows or spots CG in the world.)


Everyday CancerGirl will e posting a link in her Blog to an article, website, or other interesting things she found on the web and saying a few words about it. The links will also be added daily to the LINKS tab on this Blog page.

Today’s site is

Postsecret is one of CancerGirl’s most favorite websites. (No surprise since one of a SuperHeroes most important tools is his secrets) It is a collection of secrets that thousands, if not millions of people have put onto a postcard and sent to anonymously. Some of them are sad, but a good number of them are also funny.

They have Sunday Secrets, which is where they post 20 or so new postcards every Sunday, SH and CG spend early every Sunday morning looking at the Sunday Secrets. Join us every week while we look.

Get CancerGirl’s favorite PostSecret book by clicking below.

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