Monday, January 24, 2011

CancerGirl Flys Solo (well one way)

Hello everyone, As some of you may know from my past posts, there is a new addition coming to the Lair. BanJo is coming to join our team. CG has a very exciting next 4 days coming up.

On Wednesday morning at 4:00 AM SuperHubby is bringing CancerGirl to the drop off place for the shuttle to the airport. CancerGirl's flight leaves at 8am, so she is needing to get there before SuperHubby gets out of work, so she is taking the shuttle. The shuttle will get CG to the airport at 6:00AM and since CG has her SuperControlPaneliPad she can post updates and talk about her trip on her facebook page at CancerGirl Clarice Kentwood so definitely send me a friend request and I will approve you and you can keep up with the travels of CancerGirl.

The first flight that CancerGirl is taking is a flight from Orlando to Atlanta GA. She then has a 40 minute layover, which doesn't give her much time to get to the next plane (hope it's close!!) and then she will take that plane from Atlanta to Branson Missouri.

Jackie Wood of Tanimara Great Pyrenees is picking me up from the airport. We will probably stop and get lunch and get CG some supplies for the hotel room. Something to drink, and maybe some snacks. We are then going to the hotel and going to spend some time together int he hotel talking about BanJo I am sure!!

Jackie will be leaving Wednesday afternoon/evening (she can stay as long as she likes though hint hint Jackie LOL) and then CG and BanJo are on their own till Friday morning when she takes a shuttle back to the airport to fly home.

SuperDog will be with SuperHubby when he comes to pick us up from the airport. I have a crate for Banjo to ride home in the Van and JeZ will be loose so this way she will get used to his smell and he hers and they will get the idea that they are boy and girl and such. When we get home CG is going to introduce them to each other. CG is thinking of getting a hotel room in Orlando for the night since it is Friday and this way she and SH and the two dogs can hang out in the hotel room and get to know each other some more on neutral territory.

Jackie posted another YouTube video with Banjo in it and I wanted to show it to you guys. I will be blogging from the hotel and uploading pictures while I am there so you will get to see everything. Till then Be safe, keep happy and LAUGH!!!

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of me and my endeavors!!!

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