Thursday, September 15, 2011

Every Little Ache

As a CancerSuperHero who is considered "in remission" (I hate that word, like we are waiting to once again take on a mission, and are resting between) but yet every single time I have even the slightest twinge anywhere in my abdomen, or if I am more tired for a few days in a row then I usually am, my mind goes to "If it is a recourrance, then I definately want to catch it in the earliest stages" and then I call SuperOncologist and schedule a appt with him and he says "I know you like seeing me, I am after all the most handsome of all Oncologists, but you need to develop some security in your wellness". I leave thinking "He needs to develop something of his own that I won't mention" :)

After some thought about this, I have decided that he is right. I need to be aware of changes and keep them in mind, but not be a slave to them.

Of course SuperDog says "Listen CG, if that Evil MelanomaMan was back anywhere around here, I would be soo on it!!" and I remember that I have the best group of CancerSuperHeroes and CanineSikeKicks out there fighting on our side, so that Evil MelanomaMan doesn't have a chance anymore!!

Here is a Picture of SuperDog showing how unconcerned she is about the Evil MelanomaMan coming back around!!

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  1. Nice to see your blog and that you too use EntreCard. I dropped there too.