Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CancerGirl Chats With SuperTherapist

CG had a phone session with SuperTherapist (ST) today. We discussed CG's upcoming trip to NJ. Now we all know that CG is a SuperHero, but even SH sometimes have their worries and insecurities in life. Well CG has been worried about her trip to NJ because she has been having seizures. She has been to the neurologist and had testing done and things are pretty ok on that front. Her concern is more of a interpersonal level. CG tries hard to never hurt anyones feelings, now this sometimes causes her to not speak up about things that are bothering her. Because of this she tends to put her own needs aside sometimes and then ends up regretting it later.

SuperDog has been wonderful about letting CG know about them before they happen, long before CG even gets the headache. CG is very afraid to go out without SD anywhere anymore, for fear that something bad will happen and CG wont know about it till it is too late, at least with SD she has some warning. Well, some people are uncomfortable with her or think she takes up too much room or she will be a bother. CG understands their concerns, but SD has been in Wal-Mart on Black Friday with CG, she is trained to go under a table (when CG gets her chair she will be taught to lay under it, taking up the same room as the chair) and if CG needs to go outside for a bit she can easily excuse herself as SD is trained to ask to go out on command if CG signals her, this way no one is asking "what's wrong?" She can discreetly leave without having to have someone go out with her. CG doesn't know how to explain this to people without it turning into an argument, so she is considerably concerned about this issue.

She would love to go out places with the people she loves, but sometimes CG decides that it is easier to decline a invitation then to worry about having to argue about the issue. I know a lot of people see it as they will be right there if anything happens, that they will make sure everything is ok, but it just is not possible, nor is it fair to anyone involved. Now instead of enjoying themselves, the ServicePerson (which is essentially the person offering to take care of things) now has to make sure that they are checking in with and taking care of CG. CG feels like she now can’t tell the SP that she wants to go home because she isn't feeling OK, whereas if SD is with her, CG is able to go outside, take care of what she needs to with SD and return to having a good time without anyone any the wiser. Not to mention that the point of CG having her SideKick SD is so that she can help her and so CG can be more independant and wont have to depend on others. Wihout SD there is no way CG would ever get on a flight by herself, go through a airport alone, one of them being the one of the top 3 largest airports. But because of having such a wonderful and dependable SideKick, CG is able to do these things without any worry and feels safe and secure.

Now ST pointed out that CG shouldnt have to defend her use of SD to anyone, and that she shouldnt have to explain anything to anyone, that SD is akin to having a cane and having to defend to someone their need to use that cane, and put in those terms it does seem kinda odd.
CG does not write this to make anyone feel bad, and does not want anyone who reads this to feel bad about their views or thoughts on the issue. CG and SD understand that until they express their feeling and their needs, it is impossible for anyone else to understand where they are coming from and what they truly actually need.


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